Let's Create Peace - Submitted by Laurie on April 16, 2013  
  A Resource with Daily Peace Practices, 12 Arts for Peace Project and Peace Studies that is useful for grades 4 through adult. Community building by unity through creativity.  
  How to be A Bully Not - Submitted by Marcia on September 13, 2011  
  More than anything, Andy wants to follow in his big, bad, bully brother Martins footsteps. Andy thinks Martin is totally cool and powerful, because no one at school messes with Martin. When Martin says hell teach Andy how to be a bully in three bully lessons, Andy is thrilled. But when Andy tries to be a bully, something very unexpected happens. Young readers will gain new insights and giggle at the funny way Andy handles his bully lessons and the delightful, heartwarming results. The story and lesson about bullying will stay with them a long time after The End. Following the story, the book includes 20 pages of worksheets that encourage children to personalize and discuss the primary issues in the story. Through this part of the book, children become agents in a Bully Patrol and can receive a special certificate when they reach the end. Full-Color, Paperback  
  Eaglebait will be back in print soon! - Submitted by susan on May 21, 2011  
  Eaglebait, award-winning young adult novel, theme--bullies in the schools--now back in print and available POD at all on-line book stores.  
  The BIG Bully - Submitted by Marilyn on May 19, 2011  
  Here is a very cute, simple book for parents, teachers, caregivers and children to read to open the discussion about bullying. It shows the emotions of both the bully and the bullied, with a very happy ending. An easy read with a very big message about BULLYING. Hope this helps. Many thanks  
  Bullied: True Tales from an American High School - Submitted by Julia on May 27, 2011  
  PRESS RELEASE Bullied: True Tales from an American High School By Julia Wyklow New author Julia Wyklow has just published her first booka memoir and true life story of high school bullying. Julia describes in candid detail how she made it through it alland abusive soccer coach sabotaging his team, a school administration unwilling to support new ideas, a bevy of envious students bent on taking me down a notch, a sexual encounter of dubious consent, a faculty actively involved in teenage melodramas, a fathers ugly small town election loss, and the ever-competitive arms race of college admissions. Far from being a blanket condemnation of a town, Bullied explores the different types of bullies, the environment that allowed it all to happen, and the way Julia got through it. It introduces and lauds the unlikely friends and the caring adults who sought to protect her. Stories from the future are weaved in to show how different events affected hersuch as how a horrible night complicated future relationshipsand to give hopelike when Julia was asked to speak at her college graduation after being denied the honor in high school as the valedictorian. Julia was bullied mercilessly in high school, in almost every way one could imagine, not because she was shy, or awkward, or homosexual but because she was pretty, ambitious, and wanted morewhich only attracted jealousy. Unlike the more tragic stories, Julia triumphed. She eventually went on to win a full ride in scholarships to Georgetown University. She got a Masters on a major fellowship and went on to law school. In short, Julia put high school behind her and blossomed. Find Bullied: True Tales from an American High School on Amazon Kindle at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051GTXL0  
  A Knot In Your Stomach - Submitted by Yvonne on August 12, 2011  
  This book is about how Amanda conquers her fears and seeks help when the bullying becomes too much. This is not a self-help book, but a novel that will inspire you to take action!  
  Rocco - Submitted by Daniel on September 03, 2011  
  Rocco has lived all his life on the edge of a cliff, which is quite normal for a rock. He is the leader of a small gang that rules the neighbourhood until one fateful day. After an accident that sends him tumbling down the cliff, our hero finds himself in a strange environment. The first night is filled with scary sounds and never before seen creatures. Rocco is forced to re-evaluate his options and embarks on a journey of transformation. KEY WORDS: bullying, conflict resolution, Gongshi, scholars' rocks, school violence, taunting  
  The Hung Sign - Submitted by Mark E. Elzey on August 12, 2011  
  My name is Mark E. Elzey and Ive written a murder suspense novel titled The Hung Sign a story about bullying. The story is a work of fiction however it is based on an amalgamation of unrelated acts of bullying. In this story a small group of high school students bully a young boy that ultimately has a devastating effect on a family, the police and the community. It is also a story of how our legal system completely failed the victims family, in the end everything was destroyed. It is an engaging story that blurs the line between victim and perpetrator and will challenge the reader to re-examine the effect bullying has on all of our lives. The novel is scheduled to be available August 15 in eBook format through Amazon.  
  Seesaw - Submitted by Yuichi on November 22, 2011  
  SEESAW is a picture book about a child who learns how to address his own sadness. As it is a book about feelings, which are subjective, the book is illustrated with abstract images. SEESAW is a glimpse at the weak side's perspective of bullying. I am sending you a link and a coupon code so you can download the book for free. I believe it can be helpful. The coupon code is: NW46V I do hope you like it.  
  young adult author - Submitted by susan on July 29, 2011  
  The young adult novel, Eaglebait, is back in print. Originally published in hardcover by Harcourt, Eaglebait won two major awards: The NY Public Librarys Books for the Teenage, and the International Reading Associations Young Adult Choice. Eaglebait is cited on numerous anti-bullying websites, including Social Issues Booklist and A Resource Guide to Bullying. A career educator myself, I find that when English classes read and study Eaglebait, both students and teachers benefit. The same goes for counseling and parent advisory groups dealing with bullying issues. Both boys and girls identify with the 14-year-old male protagonist. The theme, bullies in the schools, is relevant and important and of utmost interest to young adult readers, especially in middle to early high school. Eaglebait is recommended by national reviewers such as Horn Book Guide, Booklist and School Library Journal. The novel will be popular in all school libraries. Visit the website: www.susancoryellauthor.com to learn more about Eaglebait. You will note a study guide which may be downloaded for educational purposes. Please consider recommending Eaglebait for Bullying.org's library or curriculum resource list. The Authors Guild BACKinprint Edition is available at all on-line bookstores for $12.95. For bulk orders, call 1-800-288-4677, ext.5022. There may be a discount offer. Thank you for your consideration. Susan Coryell coryell.susan@gmail.com  
  The Crimes Of Children - Submitted by Charles Morgan on February 09, 2011  
  The author Charles Morgan was a victim of being bullyied in school and has written this book.  
  New Childrens Book: Ginger and the Bully - Submitted by Holly on October 02, 2011  
  To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to inform you of a wonderful childrens book that was released on September 27, 2011. It deals with a real issue that is affecting many children everyday worldwide-bullying. The book is called Ginger and the Bully by S.E. Simpson. It is about ten year old Ginger Ryan and how she copes with the class bully. Since bullying is such a huge issue in schools, this book is a perfect read and will be very helpful for children! Please take a look and share this with others! For more information or to purchase a copy of Ginger and the Bully please visit: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61777-795-0 http://www.amazon.com/Ginger-Bully-S-Simpson/dp/ 1617777951/ref=sr_1_2? s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1317334840&sr=1-2 Please visit S.E. Simpson on Facebook at: http:// www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=100002685335056 Please visit Ginger and the Bully on Facebook at: http:// www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ginger-and-the-Bully/ 199026550164594 Thank you very much for your time.  
  The Note - Submitted by Leanne on October 03, 2011  
  Jenny has never had a lot of money and because of that she has been a target of bullying. When she makes a mistake the bullying gets increasingly worse and she just can't face going to school.  
  Nobody Likes A Bully - Submitted by Greg on October 09, 2011  
  Nobody Likes a Bully is the second book from author Greg Filaseta. This book tells the story of a young boy named Luke who is being picked on by the school bully. With the help of his lacrosse coach and his teammates, Luke confronts the bully. Eventually the bully realizes he is wrong and decides to change. With a cleaver rhyming theme, this book is great for kids of all ages. It teaches them how to positively deal with being bullied and stand up for themselves in a safe and effective way.  
  When Farts Had Colors - Submitted by Shiloh Burnam on February 09, 2012  
  When Farts Had Colors is the story of 4th grader Lance Chance who hates Mondays. This particular Monday Lance's mom coaxes Lance to school with his favorite sandwiches and a 'wish-kiss'. On his way to school Lance is tormented by "the biggest, meanest 4th grader ever to stalk the halls of Alfonso Orr Elementary School. Merry Maddox. Bully Extraordinaire&A legend" and her posse of mayhem, the Crazy M&Ms. If having to hand over his sandwiches and perform a certain humiliating act wasn't enough, Lance gets blamed by Merry Maddox for letting out a fart so horrible it forces the entire school to evacuate. Lance runs away from school and wishes that farts had colors. "Then everyone would have known it was Merry Maddox who sent out those heat seeking missiles of doom and destruction," thinks Lance. And just like that, Lance's wish comes true. Will Lance come up with a plan to expose Merry Maddox and reveal her true colors?  
  iCan: A Guide to Unleashing Your Inner Confidence - Submitted by TJ on October 11, 2011  
  A book I wrote on inner confidence and personal awareness that has already helped people to unleash the strength and confidence they carry inside. Normally sells for $50, but I want to help these kids who can't escape this horror of being bullied.  
  Bully At Ambush Corner - Submitted by Karen on October 26, 2011  
  Every day after school, Tink is waiting at Ambush Corner to use Rocky for a punching bag. He can't tell his parents. His father will encourage him to stand up for himself and fight back. His mother, worried that Rocky will break a finger and not be able to play his viola in the upcoming music competition, will forbid him to fight. Rocky tries all sorts of plans to end the bullying without success, even recruiting his older sister, who steps in, only to make the situation worse. Eventually, Rocky's music teacher helps him understand Tink's behavior, which gives Rocky a new idea to try. Will he be able to end the daily bullying, gain his father's approval, win the music competition, and still practice being a pacifist? BULLY AT AMBUSH CORNER is an e-book for middle grade readers and is available in all formats.  
  NAAFA's Child Advocacy Toolkit - Submitted by Darliene on June 24, 2011  
  The NAAFA Child Advocacy Toolkit shows how Health At Every Size (HAES) takes the focus off weight and directs it to healthful eating and enjoyable movement. It addresses the bullying, building positive self-image and eliminating stigmatization of large children. Additionally, the CATK lists resources available to parents and educators or caregivers for educational materials, curriculum and programming that is beneficial for all children.  
  Billy Crabtree and His Amazing Orange Pyjamas - Submitted by Thomas on May 29, 2013  
  This is a book about a young teenage boy who is bullied at school because he doesn't have much. He only has one friend and the two of them stand up against the bullies. It is very inspirational, and humorous, and was based on a real school in the UK.  
  Bully Blocking: Six Secrets to Help Children Deal with Teasing and Bullying - Submitted by Tony on May 11, 2010  
  This confidence-boosting book aims to help children overcome the damaging effects of teasing and bullying, and to develop practical skills and attitudes to improve their self-esteem and quality of life. This revised edition of Bully Blocking is based on Evelyn Field's 'Secrets of relating', a six-step model that has proved highly successful in her counselling work with young people. The first part of the book helps parents understand what happens when their children are bullied and provides useful approaches for changing the attitude of children who may feel there is no hope. The second part provides a program of activities with an emphasis on fun, helping children to understand their feeling and develop effective methods of counteracting bullying situations, including improving self-esteem, building support networks and communicating confidently. This book will be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, educators and counsellors working with children at risk of or experiencing bullying.  
  Bully Blocking ( finch 2007) - Submitted by Evelyn M. Field on May 13, 2010  
  This book is written by an experienced psychologist and bullying expert with over 30 years experience working with students, parents and schools. It helps students learn how quickly and effectively to block bullies, despite what their school can or can't do.It provides a simple structure for schools and assistance for parents. The model has been clinically proven. check out Evelyn's website, www.bullying.com.au  
  Grandma why didn't God make me a bird - Submitted by Amanda Conley Hines on May 27, 2010  
  My name is Amanda Conley Hines and I would like to share a story with you. One afternoon I was watching the Oprah Winfrey show and a woman was sitting there heartbroken because her pre-teen son had committed suicide. Her child had been bullied and as a result his life was shattered. That woman's pain was too hard for me to imagine. Since I am a parent, fear began to enter my mind. Could something like this happen to my children? I began to think about my own experiences with bullies and self-esteem issues. I could see how things could spiral out of control. As I became older my experiences turned into valuable knowledge. I learned that most of the time bullies themselves have low self-esteem. They try to hide behind the pain they inflict on others. I wanted my children to have this knowledge early. That's when I began to pray and God turned my fear into determination and thus this book was born. "Grandma, Why didn"t God Make Me a Bird?" was written from my heart. The grandma character was influenced by my own great grandmother; who was an amazing woman. She loved God with her whole heart. The little girl, Kayla, was influenced by me and many others. Kaylas character deals with bullying and self-esteem issues. The story comes alive when Kayla notices a blue bird and wonders what life would be like as a bird. Kayla doesn't have many friends, but there are two things that Kayla finds joy in, God, and her talks with her grandma Annie. Kayla decides to talk to her grandma about her wish to be a bird. Grandma Annie listens and lovingly explains to Kayla that she is already special. Kayla does not immediately understand, but her grandmother is kind and understanding. She explains to Kayla that being created in the image of God; makes you pretty special. Grandma Annie also explains to Kayla that her actions and reactions define her...she is not defined by other people. With this knowledge and a few other kind and loving words; she understands her own self-worth. And now dealing with difficult people and situations does not feel insurmountable. I am not under the assumption that this book will save the world. My prayer is that this book will open a dialogue between parents and their children. Now that you have had a glimpse into my heart; I hope that you will help me spread the word about this book. And if there is truly a closing thought it is this if God created you, then no one can take your uniqueness away.  
  Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Bullies - Submitted by howard binkow on August 05, 2010  
  This book was requested by teachers. It helps 4-8 year old children learn the right thing to do about bullying. The book is available on our website in animated or book form and is being offered by Scholastic of Canada.  
  Fight To The End - Submitted by Michael Anderson on August 09, 2010  
  A really cool book I just read about bullying and how much it screws people up. Bit of a dark story, but I think it says it like it is.  
  Enabling children to feel good about themselves - Submitted by Howard Binkow on August 08, 2010  
  Our Foundation is the creator of the award winning Howard B. Wigglebottom series of children's books. The books are fun and are helping many children ages eight and under learn how to listen, deal with conflict and feel good about themselves. Check out our website. Click on animated books and lessons/posters.  
  A Beautiful Cat No Matter What - Submitted by Moli Gailan on April 13, 2011  
  This is a children's book about a cat who was bullyied and lost her self-esteem. This could be read by children ages 4 years old and up. It's colorful book and the children could relate with the characters in the book. A must read!  
  Submitted by Tracy Perkins on November 03, 2010  
  These are both beautiful stories for very young readers. "Mom and Sweet Ali", is a heart warming story of a Mother, and her Daughter living on there own in todays tough ecomony, and how they make it through by believing in themselves, love for each other, and never giving up, "Ali's Story of, the Old Broken Birch Tree", is a story that teaches we all can learn something new every day, to remember to reconize beauty in the world all around us, and it also delicately deals with the issues of bullying, and divorce. I hope these stories can help where help is needed, and also be enjoyable for our little ones.  
  b&n.com or amazon.com  
  Trust Me - Submitted by John Fisher on April 02, 2011  

Millions of children worldwide are bullied every day
This book may help

"Trust Me" by John Fisher

My story is a simple tale about a 49 year old man who goes over to his friend's house and touched his latest
invention and suddenly finds himself in the year 1969. Invisible to everyone around him except for one person.
His 11 year old self. He remembers how shy and bullied he was as a child and convinces his younger self to let him navigate him though his rough times. Teaching how to dress, talk and walk. Greatly Improving his relationship with his mother and father.  Then it on to his 4th grade mean teacher. Making small leaps through time, he's in middle school completely rocking the school with his knowledge of sex, dealing in a positive way with four bullies. PE coaches and their paddles.  In high school, he advises his younger self how to connect with his first crush. Saves his girlfriend and other girls from an evil boy. Though out my book, my character grow more confident and helps more of his classmates.
   Several opportunities to laugh and cry. My character returns to a world much nicer and more just

ISBN 978-1-61546-266-7


  The Durples: Go to School - Submitted by Ashley Jardine on December 07, 2010  
  Prince Moonlet Little Feathers is the new kid in school. He is a prince who is in a magical wheelchair. The Durples embrace him and they become friends. As the first day of school recess unfolds - so do a few of the possible playground problems that children are faced with. Wully Bully teases Charlie and is asked to stop by Woodroo, the bystander who helps Charlie out of this difficult situation. The Magic Cloud Princess appears and grants Prince Moonlet Little Feathers a wish that his great-great-great grandfather has given to him. Prince Moonlet Little Feathers surprises the whole school with his wish. He wishes that "everybody accept everybody else for their differences! And that everybody would get along!" School, as well as schoolyard bullies will be changed forever!  
  Zero Zizanie Collection - Submitted by Melanie on November 26, 2010  
  Hi, I am a French Canadian publisher and I just launched the collection Zero Zizanie to prevent and eradicate most forms of bullying in school and I would really appreciate to be in touch with the responsible of bullying.org. Many thanks for your attention. Mélanie Rizk LBL Éditions " www.laboitealivres.com 2348 Chemin Lucerne, Bureau 234 " Ville Mont-Royal (Qc) " Canada, H3R 2J8 mrizk@laboitealivres.com " T. (514) 999-4226  
  Heal the Wounded - Submitted by Lynn Dove on December 06, 2010  
  Heal the Wounded is the much-anticipated sequel to Lynn Dove's brilliant debut novel, Shoot the Wounded. After the death of their friend, Ronnie (in Shoot the Wounded), Leigh and Jake are trying to come to terms with the aftermath of Ronnie's death. As their love grows for one another, Leigh and Jake must face a series of devastating, life-changing events that will challenge their love and their relationship with God. Tim, Ronnie's brother, a bitter and tormented young man after the death of his sister, becomes the target of bullies at his school. Feeling hopeless and alone, he cuts himself to find that emotional release to let go of the pain he deals with everyday. Trying to embrace his newfound faith, Mike, Jake's best friend, lives in his own private nightmare dealing with the consequences of his parent's constant arguing and his father's alcoholism. Heal the Wounded, like Shoot the Wounded, delves even deeper into the real world of teenagers trying to live out their faith in the midst of upset and struggle. Brilliantly written, poignantly told, readers who loved Shoot the Wounded will not be disappointed with Heal the Wounded's powerful message and the on-the-edge-of-your-seat storyline.  
  Shoot the Wounded - Submitted by Lynn Dove on December 06, 2010  
  Shoot the Wounded, the first book in the Wounded Trilogy is written for youth and young adults, addresses how lies and gossip destroy a persons spirit. It speaks to the heart of relevant themes such as bullying, teen pregnancy and family violence.  
  Google Book Free Read - Submitted by Donald James Parker on December 11, 2010  
  Bambi is an eight grader who decides he wants to win the state basketball championship when he is in high school. He tries to get his teammates to join him in a pact to do everything they can to win. Some of his fellow basketball players aren't thrilled by the idea. Two of them are bullies and take every opportunity they can during the next four years to harrass those who opted to sign The Bulldog Compact.  
  The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse - Submitted by David on January 10, 2011  
  A classic for young school children, this new book teaches why bullying is always wrong and that everyone has a right to be different.  
  The Too-Tall Troll in the Tiny Tollhouse - Submitted by David on January 18, 2011  
  "Parents: As someone who has the privilege of talking to thousands of parents every year-- Bullying is on all of our minds! The Too-Tall Troll is an excellent way to help your children understand the issue of bullying. At a time where this is becoming a major epidemic this book is a highly recommended read for your kids!" Norman Shub, Business of People. Columbus, Ohio  
  Bully Blaster: How I Stopped the Bullying and You Can Too - Submitted by Abbey on October 03, 2010  
  I was bullied at work until I learned how to stop it. I show you effective, easy techniques that worked for me, and the feelings I experienced along the way. You see that if I can do it so can you. You too can have the peace...and respect you deserve at school or work.  
  the durples go to school - Submitted by kathy on January 28, 2013  
  these books teach children about bullying,acceptance and inclusion  
  Organized Stalking - Submitted by Eleanor on November 10, 2012  
  This fact-oriented e-booklet describes an aspect of bullying that has been ignored for the past couple of decades. Crisis support workers have expressed appreciation.  
  Bullied into it: Bullying, Power and the Conduct of Conduct - Submitted by Paul on December 06, 2012  
  The book considers in more detail the connections between school bullying and power relations in the Vietnamese educational context.  
  No Place for Bullying: Leadership for Schools that Care for Every Student - Submitted by Jim on November 26, 2012  
  This book describes the paradigm shifts a school leader needs to create in order to develop and lead a school wide bullying prevention effort. It is guide for helping them get greater staff buy in and commitment to bullying prevention efforts.  
  Twin Justice Survived - Submitted by Sandy on December 16, 2012  
  Please view this site/book to see if this will benefit your organization. This is a story about bullying and how these two girls fought back. The overall message is Dont Bully. Thanks and I hope you enjoy. www.twinjusticesurvived.com Sandy Logan  
  #thesedays - Submitted by Amanda on May 15, 2013  
  Young Adult Fiction Emma is a popular high school junior and a starter on the varsity volleyball team. But her life is suddenly turned upside down. Her mom recently died, her dad is already dating, and her childhood best friend is being bullied by not only her own friends, but also by a well-liked teacher. In #thesedays, the power of friendship, family love, real life heartache, and a caring community guide Emma to find the strength to do what is right.  
  Bitopia - Submitted by Ari Magnusson on May 10, 2013  
  Bitopia, a novel for middle grade readers named a Best Book of 2012 by Kirkus Reviews, is both a fast-paced epic adventure and a book that contains the secret to stopping bullying. Publisher's Weekly said that Bitopia delivers a "welcome" message on bullying and may be "ideal for readers in need of an extra shot of courage when faced with difficult situations." Book Dreaming said, "Kids who love fantasy will enjoy this book just for the storythe anti-bullying message is simply an added bonus." Author Ari Magnusson wrote the book to share the secret to stopping bullying that he figured out on his own when he was a bullied student.  
  Children's Books to Prevent Bullying - Submitted by Jennifer on November 05, 2012  
  6 Anti-Bullying Books for Children: 6 books (pdfs) for $4.00. Include practical strategies embedded in stories as well as additional activities for parents, teachers, etc. at end of books. *There are also some free anti-bullying games for children on the site; www.thewhisperersaga.com  
  The Bully Book, Coloring Book & Journal - Submitted by Lisa on March 19, 2013  
  This book has already been accepted as a resource for Bullying.org. I have printed a second edition and I would like it to replace edition 1.  
  help your child deal with bullying [Kindle Edition] - Submitted by shlomit&alexandra on February 03, 2013  
  "Who's afraid of a poisoned arrow?" brings the painful issue of bullying in elementary schools, through the eyes of one hurting child. The story helps both you and your child address this issue offering practical ways to help you deal both with the situation as well as with your child's pain. The story also answers questions frequently asked by parents: How can we help our children? What do we say that will helpheal their wounds? What kind of guidance do we offer that will help them successfully address bullying situations in the future? About the author: Shlomit Miron is an author and a writing workshop mentor specializing in Bibliotherapy, life stories and self-awareness. Her children's book "My Pacifier and Dad's Pacifier - Father and son try to quit together" published in Israel and Spain. The Spanish version "Mi chupete y el de papa" is available on Amazon. In her writing, Shlomit focuses on empowering children and their parents in dealing with challenging everyday life situations trough problem solving. About the illustrator: Alexandra Lazovski is an active creative Visual Artist and illustrator. With many years of experience in different fields of Visual Art and Design -Alexandra has illustrated many children's books, exhibits her work and serves as a mentor to Art and Design college students.  
  TWIN JUSTICE SURVIVED (Our Stories of Bullying) - Submitted by Sandy on February 20, 2013  
  Hello, I recently wrote a book called Twin Justice Survived (Our Stories of Bullying). The book discusses Bullying to the extreme. My intention for this book was to make the Bully aware that they may not have the last laugh. Victims sometimes carry this devastation throughout every aspect of their life. After experiencing various levels of humiliation, the individual have to pick up the damaged pieces and rebuild their self-esteem. This is the time in which your true friends are tested. This book shows the Bully that sometimes payback can occur much later in their life. The moral of this story is to the extreme. However, the message is still the same  Dont Bully. Please advise if this book could assist in your efforts to stop bullying in the workplace. The book also cover bullying in the workplace as well. Thanks. Sandy www.twinjusticesurvived.com  
  Parable: Rise Above Bullying - Submitted by Trevor on May 18, 2014  
  My book tells of my experiences starting in Gr. 8 when I was badly bullied. After high school, I felt the social effects & had low self-confidence. There were some difficult years, too many. Luckily, I was resilient and am able to write this book, my first of three.  
  Don't Be A Bully - Submitted by Tami on January 20, 2014  
  A very pertinent and timely story about a little girl who learns a valuable lesson about bullying and friendship.  
  Charlie No Face - Submitted by David B. Seaburn on November 20, 2013  
  Charlie No Face is a coming of age story about an 11 year old boy, Jackie, growing up in the late 1950s in western Pa. He lives with his father, his mother having died when he was an infant. The biggest preoccupation of Jackie and his friends (and many others) is Charlie No Face, a severely disfigured and deformed hermit who roams country roads at night and is reputed to kill children, animals and just about anything else he can get his hands on. Jackie and Charlie No Face eventually form an unlikely friendship that transforms them both, shedding light on Jackies mothers lifer, helping Charlie make peace with his past and teaching Jackie how to look at people with his heart. It is a story for anyone who has ever been abused, bullied, rejected or misunderstood. It is for those who feel their true face has never been recognized. This is a story about the power of compassion and the importance of seeing with ones heart. David B. Seaburn is the author of four novels, including Charlie No Face, which was a Finalist for the INDIE Excellence in Books Award (2011) and has been used as an anti-bullying story. Seaburn lives in Spencerport, NY; he is married and has two adult daughters and two granddaughters. He is also a retired family psychologist and Presbyterian minister.  
  Workplace Bullying - Submitted by John on June 18, 2013  
  A book on coping by a psychologist and former victim.  
  No More Bystanders = No More Bullies: Activating Action in Educational Professionals - Submitted by Shona on November 28, 2011  
  This book offers great activities for addressing bullying and changing school culture. It strikes a great balance between text, action ideas, and survey questions. With each chapter comes the opportunity to examine ones school and apply the information to improve an existing situation.  
  Phobiatopia - Submitted by Tami on February 12, 2011  
  Phobiatopia is a kids' picture book about a bully and victim who are sent to a fantasy land where everyone is accepted and welcomed. When the bully doesn't follow the rules, she learns a lesson in empathy. Tami Su wrote it for her daughter, who is bullied at school every day, and for other kids like her.  
  As Meggie Sees Things Good or Bad Secrets My Tummy Will Tell Me - Submitted by lise on April 22, 2013  
  Meggie is a smart little girl who is willing to learn and find out all about her feelings and how to deal with them. She will be well aware of what she needs to do to protect herself and help others. Secrets plays a huge part in bullying and young children need to know what to do when their tummy tells them that the secret they are keeping is bad and that telling someone about it, is what will help them or their friend.  
  The Bully Book - Submitted by Lisa on March 30, 2012  
  I have created a coloring book with peaceful writings and lined pages for journaling. Coloring is a way to meditate and find peace. I designed a coloring page on the right and a peaceful thought on the left. It is like a chapter book, geared to our youth. Bo Butterfly guides you through. If you would like me to send a copy, I can. Thank you for all you do. In light, Lisa  
  What You Wish For - Submitted by Lorraine on January 04, 2012  
  Three of the stories in this new anthology are about Bullying: Meg Cabot's, "The Protectionist"; Cornelia Funke's story, "Rosanna"; and Alexander McCall Smith's, "The Strange Story of Bobby Box." What You Wish For (ISBN 9780399254543, Putnam Juvenile, Sep. 15, 2011) is a collection of short stories and poems about wishes from 18 all-star writers: Meg Cabot, Jeanne DuPrau, Cornelia Funke, Nikki Giovanni, John Green, Karen Hesse, Ann M. Martin, Alexander McCall Smith, Marilyn Nelson, Naomi Shihab Nye, Joyce Carol Oates, Nate Powell, Sofia Quintero, Gary Soto, R.L. Stine, Francisco X. Stork, Cynthia Voigt, Jane Yolen. With a Foreword by Mia Farrow. Book Wish Foundation is donating 100% of its proceeds from the book to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, to fund the development of libraries in Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad.  
  Beau, a Puppy's Tale - Submitted by Janice on March 01, 2012  
  The full title is "Beau, a Puppy's Tale: A Children's Book aimed at helping kids overcome bullies and gain self-esteem". This book deals with the subject of bullying as seen through the eyes of an adorable but down little dog who runs away after being ostracized by his siblings. He runs away from home and on his journey he meets a number of diverse woodland creatures who help him on his quest to find self-acceptance and self-esteem.  
  Girl Fight - Submitted by Faye Smailes on October 01, 2012  
  Girl Fight is a young adult book about a girl who wants to be heard but is going about it in all the wrong ways. Zadie thinks she's indestructible, just like the superheroes she draws. She'll fight any girl who dares to take her on, and she always wins -- until, one day, she loses. Beat up and riled up, she quickly exacts her revenge, only to then become the target of a cyberbullying campaign set to destroy her. When Zadie decides enough is enough, the line between hero and villain becomes blurred.  
  All the Bad Things - Submitted by Jason on April 11, 2012  
  To Whom It May Concern: I am happy that bullying is getting the attention it deserves whether it be through the release of a documentary about bullying or through organizations such as yours. I am writing because I, too, have been an advocate to stop bullying. Last year, my debut novel, ALL THE BAD THINGS, was published by Lucky Press, LLC. It is the story of Robbie Toe, a social outcast who falls prey to the relentless scorn of those in a small Pennsylvanian town. The type of bullying he receives is as nefarious as it is creative. I would like to offer my book to your organization as a way to help spread the word about how vicious bullying truly is. More can be learned at http://www.jmichaeldew.com Thank you, Jason Dew  
  Publicity Contact - Submitted by Mary on May 01, 2012  
  Advance Reader's Copy of a Children's Book about Bullying titled, "We're All Different But We're All Kitty Cats". By Peter J. Goodman, published by dreamBIG Press and distributed by Emerald Book Company.  
  Love the Wounded - Submitted by Lynn Dove on June 18, 2012  
  "Love the Wounded" by Lynn Dove is the final and dramatic conclusion to her brilliant Wounded Trilogy series that has followed the lives of teenagers Jake, Leigh, Mike, Dylan and Tim as they come to terms with a series of tragedies and events that have made each of them question why God allows "bad things to happen to good people". Leigh does not know who to choose...her heart tells her she will always love Jake, but he has changed so much since the death of their friend, Ronnie, and with his mother going through breast cancer, he has totally closed himself off from her emotionally. Now she is dating Dylan and try as she might to accept him for who he is, she can't stop thinking about Jake! Dylan has never gotten over the loss of his father and little sister, killed by a drunk driver when he was just a young boy. After a horrific accident that has put both Tim and his little brother, Evan in the hospital, everyone knows that not only is he being bullied at school; he cuts himself to cope with it all. But meeting Cassidy has given him the courage to stand up to the bullies and at the same time give her what she so desperately needs...a life-giving bone marrow transplant. Jake's mother keeps telling him that "God works all things out for good" but with all the things going on in his life and with his friends, he's just not sure anymore. It is only after Mike is paralyzed in a car accident that Jake was partially responsible for that all the families and friends will be brought back together, not by coincidence, but by God's design and then Jake will finally believe that God truly does "Love the Wounded". "A life of working with youth has inspired Lynn Dove, a Cochrane mother to turn her experiences into a book trilogy...(the Wounded Trilogy) series that parallels the struggles of students...(and) covers the angst of some of the real serious issues that teenagers face today, particularly with bullying and gossip. " -Rocky View Weekly- About the Author: Winner of a Canadian Christian Writing Award in 2011, Lynn Dove's debut novel, Shoot the Wounded, written for teens and young adults was a finalist in the 2010 Readers Favorite Book Awards. Heal the Wounded, released in 2010, the second book in this series won the Bronze Medal in the 2011 Readers Favorite Book Awards in the Young Adult - Coming of Age category. Love the Wounded is the final book in the "Wounded Trilogy."  
  Way of the Peaceful warrior - Submitted by Kevin on April 08, 2012  
  This book saved my life when I was in the midst of depression. The story offers the reading a new way of viewing life. One that cuts out the bad, making life as good as possible. Without it I dont know if I would be the person who I am the today. It gave me hope and direction, something everyone can use a little more of.  
  TWIGS and the Bully - Submitted by Dennis Charlton on July 15, 2012  
  TWIGS and the Bully is about a young boy and his friends and how they handled a difficult situation. The target audience is for children in the 4 to 8 age range. The last four pages of the book are designed to help an educator, parent or caregiver to open up the subject of bullying and possibly uncover potential problems.  
  The Adventures of Sully- Sully Meets Rocky - Submitted by Joy on July 26, 2012  
  Sully, the main character is a one clawed Lowcountry Red-Blue crab. She is a target for bullying but find strength in what she had been taught. Sully is the mascot for Peace-pass it on, a non profit anti bullying program. Please check it out...  
  How to be a Bully Not! - Submitted by Marcia on December 12, 2011  
  More than anything, Andy wants to follow in his big, bad bully brother Martin's footsteps. Andy thinks Martin is totally cool and powerful because no one at school messes with Martin. When Martin says he'll teach Andy how to be a bully in three Bully Lessons, Andy is thrilled. But when Andy tries to be a bully, something very unexpected happens when he learns what true power is. Following the story are 20 fun croswords and puzzles to teach all about bullies, bystanders and victims. Published by YouthLigh, Inc. an educational publisher, this book gets the message across without being preachy and it is geared to elementary school children.  
  Bullying Is A Big Deal - Submitted by Danica Surette on September 07, 2012  
  Good day, I saw your anti bullying site this morning. I am from Nova Scotia and just wrote a book calld "Bullying is A Big Deal". This book is written in an age appropriate manner for children 8+ on how to stop bullying. It is a who, what, when, where, and why of bullying. It also teaches children where to get help if they, or someone else, is being hurt, all with there safety being the first priority. It will be on www.amazon.com and www.amazon.ca. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or interest. Sincerely, Danica Surette  
  The Real Domestic Terrorists - Submitted by George on August 28, 2012  
  It is the story of my life and how being a victim of racism and bullying shaped my life. While other boy's were daydreaming about sports, girls, and good times, I was trying to figure out how to go from school to my house without being taunted or picked on as I walked through my neighborhood. This powerful, unforgettable memoir chronicles how I was shunned and even physically abused by my classmates from elementary school through junior high school. It is an unflinching look at what it means to be the outcast, how even the most well intended parents can get it all wrong, why schools are often unable to prevent disaster, and how bullying has been misunderstood and mishandled.You will be shocked, moved, and ultimately inspired by this harrowing tale of survival against insurmountable odds. This vivid story will open your eyes to the harsh realities and longterm consequences of bullying and Racism and how all of us can make a difference in the lives of kids today. At some point in everyones life, they have either been bullied or seen bullying happen. As a society, weve been long ignoring the problem of bullies because of its prevalence and awkward acceptance as a part of growing up. However, what happens when its your child, your friend, or your brother or sister whos being bullied? This is what happened to me, I was bullied so relentlessly in school that I felt alone, excluded, and hated. This is the story of how I fell into that pit of darkness, survived the ordeal, and emerged stronger than ever. This is the story of how I survived bullying. I can only hope that you will be able to protect your child from turning out like one of us.  
  Nelson the Giant - Submitted by Sandy Gemmill on October 08, 2012  
  A 3 minute promotional video for Nelson the Giant  
  Bystander Power - Submitted by Elena on July 19, 2012  
  Research shows that when kids speak out, bullying stops in 10 seconds or less, 57% of the time. Bystander Power (part of Free Spirit's Laugh & Learn series) Who has the most power to stop and prevent bullying? Teachers? Parents? The Principal of the Universe? No, no, and no way! When it comes to changing bullying behavior, nobody has more power than bystandersall the people who see bullying or know about it. How strong are bystanders? Stronger than a snarling seventh grader. More powerful than a petty put-down. Able to delete Internet rumors with a single click. When BYstanders choose to act as UPstanders, they are real superheroes! With full-color cartoons and humorous, kid-friendly text, Bystander Power teaches kids how to safely stand up against bullying, support kids who are targeted, and spread the word that bullying is not coolits cruel. The power to end bullying starts with one person: you.  
  The Weird series: Weird!, Dare!, Tough! - Submitted by Elena on July 19, 2012  
  These three books tell the story of an ongoing case of bullying from three third graders perspectives. Luisa describes being targeted by bullying in Weird! Jayla shares her experience as a bystander to bullying in Dare! And in Tough!, Sam speaks from the point of view of someone initiating bullying. Kids will easily relate to Luisa, Jayla, and Sam, as each girl has her own unique experience, eventually learning how to face her challenges with the help of friends, peers, and caring adults. The books may be read separately or as a set; readers will enjoy tracking small details that carry over from one book to another. These books on bullying each conclude with activity club pages for kids, as well as information to help parents, teachers, counselors, and other adults reinforce the books messages and foster dialogue with children. Weird! ISBN: 978-1-57542-398-2 Dare! ISBN: 978-1-57542-399-9 Tough! ISBN: 978-1-57542-400-2 For ages 59 / US $15.99 each / Hardcover / 9 1/2" x 8" / 48 pp. / color illust.  
  The Story of Nelson the Giant - Submitted by Sandy on July 29, 2012  
  The Story of Nelson the Giant: A Heart as Big as His THUMP! is a unique story-song with a gentle approach to bullying awareness and prevention, through imagination, music, and art. The unforgettable message of Nelsons story illustrates how sometimes people form judgments about others before getting to know them. It also offers parents and teachers a meaningful and empathetic way to help children understand the hurtful effects of pre-judging, while emphasizing the importance of acceptance, respect, and friendship. When children are introduced to Nelson the Giant, they only see a drawing of his legs. The dramatic story-song sparks imagination and inspires children to create their own complete image of the gentle giant. Individual experiences, physical attributes, and cultural backgrounds, guide children as they bridge a very special and personal connection to Nelson. Nelson the Giants Friendship Guide/Activity Book encourages critical thinking and invites children to express themselves in drawing and in writing. It is also an excellent preface to open dialogue while encouraging social harmony for children. The two-song CD is a heartwarming musical production. A Heart as Big as His THUMP! evokes emotional response, causing children to reflect and share their feelings about bullying and conflict resolution. The accompanying friendship song, Far Across the Playground, reminds children to share a smile and reach out to their peers in times of loneliness.  
  Jilly and the Bully - Submitted by Lowen on May 05, 2010  
  'Jilly and the Bully' is the first book in the Jilly's Adventures series and helps kids understand that you can combat bullies without resorting to verbal or physical violence yourself. That there are other ways to get out of compromising situations without continuing the circle of abuse. 'Jilly and the Bully' allows children to ask questions about how to deal with bullies and why a bully does what he or she does.  
  Help! I'm in Middle School...How Will I Survive? - Submitted by Merry on April 30, 2005  
  A middle school survival guide. Bullying awareness, information, and prevention is a big part of the book.  
  Sticks Stones and Stumped - Submitted by Deb Landry on March 06, 2007  
  Sticks Stones and Stumped is children's book, CD Rom and interactive dramatic play for children kindergarten to grade five. The focus of this book and play is to raise awareness of social behaviors including good citizenship, respect, fairness, responsibility, compassion, and caring. With this goal in mind, school communities can control, monitor and begin to put an end to bullying and harassment behaviors. Supporting and practicing positive school climate behavior for young students, caregivers and school personnel will result in fostering community minded youth of all ages. The mentoring component of this play is designed to build socially accountable community relationships between youth grades K-5 and grades 6-12. Older youth mentor younger children through performance of the play. Use your school districts middle or high school students, drama, civil rights groups or the highest grade in the school to perform the production. The program is best performed in individual classroom settings making the surroundings comfortable and safe for the younger students to empower individual creativity and participation  
  y secret bully - Submitted by Alyssa on November 15, 2006  
  this is a great book because at the end she told her mom and her mom told her sum stuff and so after that the girl went up to the bully and said to her does it make you happy to make me sad? and then the bully hung her head in shame.  
  The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book - Submitted by Gryphon House on September 28, 2006  
  Gryphon House, Inc. is pleased to announce that The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book (2005) has won the Teachers’ Choice Award presented by Learning Magazine. The Teachers’ Choice Award honors products that display excellent quality, instructional value, ease of use, and innovation in the classroom. The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book is an indispensable tool for teachers to encourage tolerance and kindness in the preschool classroom. For more information, please call 1.800.638.0928 or visit www.gryphonhouse.com.  
  Queen bees and wannabees - Submitted by Cathy on May 21, 2006  
  It's a book about cliques, peer pressure, bullying and lots of more! You can really learn from this book!  
  Why Me? - Submitted by Rita on March 30, 2006  
  Why Me? is an e-book that addresses the issue of teen girl bullies in school. The book gives helpful suggestions to girls on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner. The book also includes a section with tips to develop self-confidence and comes with a free digital diary.  
  Resources for Adults, Children and Youth - Submitted by The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Commun on January 06, 2006  
  SACSC has several resources for adults and children and youth on bullying for the bully and the bullied. See website at www.sacsc.ca  
  The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story - Submitted by Rita Y. Toews on November 30, 2005  
  In The Bully, a story about bullying is followed by a question and answer section for children. The questions help children express their feelings about bullies, and the answers provide practical ways to deal with the problem. The illustrations for the story can be used as a colouring book while the subject of bullying is discussed. The adult's section of The Bully contains a question and answer portion that informs parents and caregivers about bullying. It also gives effective information for dealing with a bully in a manner that provides a positive role model for children. Additional informational resources are also provided.  
  Self-Awareness Journal On CD-ROM - Submitted by Doreen on November 21, 2007  
  Subject Matter; Have You Experienced: Emotional Bullying, Workplace Abuse, Dis-Respect, Social/Peer Pressure, Oppressive Burdens, Unhealthy Relationships, Non-Acceptance New to the market and one of a kind, a unique "writing tool" (CD-ROM based---not a book), designed to guide and inspire you, allowing you to draw from your past, to understand your present,and to move on to your future. In other words, from Self Awareness, to Self Discovery, to Self Empowerment. It is also recommended in the workplace as a Preventative Measure. With adults beginning the process to Self Discovery, we are clearly sending out a positive message/example to the young and impressionable.  
  Submitted by Pam on September 05, 2005  
  “Don’t Pick on Pepper” tells the story of a young girl who takes on a schoolyard bully with brainpower, humor, and friendship. Pepper Mills heads to the library and the internet to discover what makes bullies tick, and then goes about defusing them in a thoughtful and humorous way. Pepper says,”I decided to learn about bullies. It’s a lot easier to handle a problem you can understand. The brain is our strongest muscle, after all. Time for a mental workout!” Pepper shares many strategies for dealing with bullies with her readers, emphasizing the importance of sticking together with a friend and seeking counsel from a trusted adult. “Don’t Pick on Pepper” includes a discussion section with open ended questions to encourage dialogue on this important subject. Recommended for ages 7-11.  
  The Durples: Get Lost in Elkton Forest - Submitted by Ashley Jardine on February 20, 2008  
  Cindyloo, Mollyboo and Woodroo invite you to join them on their adventure in Elkton Forest where they meet many new and unique friends. One of their new friends, an outcast named Odalee, teaches them how to play his musical instrument; the mookaluke. When confronted with bullies, the Durples show their new friends a unique way of dealing with them. Children will learn the importance of acceptance and understand how 'cool' each and every character is despite any physical hindrances they may appear to have. The Durples: Get Lost in Elkton Forest is the first book of the Durples series. You don't want to miss out on any of these fun filled learning adventures!  
  My Secret Bully - Submitted by Trudy Ludwig on March 23, 2005  
  My Secret Bully instantly draws young readers (ages 6 to 11) into Monica's world, where she is bullied by a friend and learns how to cope, survive and thrive. One of a very few picture books available that addresses relational aggression among girls.  
  Stop Bullying Bobby - Submitted by Dana on March 25, 2005  
  This is the site for the children's book "Stop Bullying Bobby! Helping Children Cope with Teasing and Bullying." The title is inspired by a true story and encourages everyone to reach out to others. It supports developing awareness, understanding, and appreciation of differences. It is for approximate ages 4-10.  
  A Journey Out of Bullying: From Despair to Hope - Submitted by Pat on February 25, 2005  
  A Journey Out of Bullying is a book for parents and children in crisis, a useful book about the nitty-gritty of daily life, an essential book for the day your child refuses to leave home and face a bully outside one more time. It’s an easily digested book that one mother wrote after she saved her son, a book packed with essential information that you, a worried parent or a bullied child, can use immediately because you need answers fast. A Journey Out of Bullying is a friend when you really need comfort, advice, and hope.  
  YEARS OF RAGE: A Novel - Submitted by Joseph on February 06, 2005  
  A novel about bullying will be released in May 2005. The work is entitled YEARS OF RAGE. To read an excerpt, visit the book's Web site: www.yearsofrage.com  
  The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl - Submitted by Cabot on November 15, 2004  
  The MISadventures of Bully-Boy & Gossip-Girl is an interactive comic book intended for students at the elementary level between grades 4 and 8. The book offers suggestions for students on how to stop bullying from happening in their schools or playgrounds.  
  Bullying Posters (4) - Submitted by Brian on October 30, 2004  
  Set of four heavy-duty, laminated full-color posters, 18 x 24 inches each for classroom display. Strong messages are conveyed by bright graphics. These posters can be used alone or with the Bullying workbooks series also listed at this site. Website shows all posters clearly.  
  Tiny T Saves the Day - Submitted by Brian on October 30, 2004  
  A big bully learns a valuable lesson about trust and teamwork from a little dinosaur in this read-aloud book designed for younger children to learn about the dynamics of bullying. This book is one in a series of three full color books featuring the Dino-Mights Power of Acceptance team. Zany dinosaurs help show children how even the most different character can be a valued and important member of the group. "Dot's Spots" addresses differences in looks, while "Anton Acts Up" is about difficult behaviour (ADHD). Each book Includes suggestions for follow up discussions. 16 pages each, paperback.    
  Have Courage My Love-A Brave Encounter with a Bully by Lisa Hewitt-Savelli - Submitted by Jason on September 25, 2005  
  Have Courage My Love is a story written to help children communicate their thoughts and their fellings about peer pressurre, bullying and friendship to adults. The author delicately illustrates and gives meaning to the roles of the bully, the victim and the important role of the bystander. This story reminds us of the need to be encouraged and included  
  BULLYING - Why Would You Want To Do That? - Submitted by Sidney on June 22, 2009  
  I would love to have my book become a part of the products you have in your arsenal. Check out the website and if you want, I'll send a copy to you for review. Thanks. Sid Goodman  
  Mar*Co Products, Inc. - Submitted by Phyllis Goodstein on April 13, 2010  
  As this comprehensive and empirically researched book teaches anti bullying strategies, the bullied learn to cope, are empowered, have increases in self-esteem and gain hope that the bullying will end. It is not only for the bullied or teachers. Information and worksheets on cyberbullying, anger, assertiveness, conflict resolution, self-esteem, communication and friendship provide a valuable resource for parents, school staff, mental health professionals and anyone who works with children.  
  Butterflies Do They Cry & Should I Be Ashamed Or Laugh, Cry And Pray - Submitted by Ronald Brown on February 20, 2010  
  Two books of poems for troubled young adults and children to help them to understand how the actions they take effect others.  
  I Like You, I Like Me, Too! - Submitted by Marcia on February 03, 2010  
  Bullying has become a common childhood issue. Children are hurt physically and emotionally by bullies on a daily basis. I Like You, I Like Me, Too! is a fun and easy-to-use anti-bullying 200 page parent/teacher resource, used also by counsellors, psychologists, and librarians, to help children realize their potential and the power of choice in their lives. It is an opportunity for them to begin to "think out of the box" from a very early age and prepare for their future by meeting their own needs, setting their own goals and learning how to make themselves happy by choosing positive behaviors. They also learn to evaluate if what they are doing is helping them get what they want. I Like You, I Like Me, Too! is intended for children up to the age of 10 and can be easily adapted to kindergarten and middle grades. Author Marcia Frid has crafted The Magic Choice Carpet as a teaching tool to teach Choice Theory®, developed by Dr. William Glasser of the William Glasser Institute.  
  psychopath's bible - Submitted by Joe on December 21, 2009  
  Written tongue in cheek, alas not particularly deep, gives an interesting insight in the twisted attitude of people, that free of a sense of ethics and empathy, behave as natural predators, and have a strong appetite for chaos and destruction, and prefer targeting the weak. Basically what we must prevent the bullies to grow into. It is also possible to find it in pdf on scribd  
  How To Stop Bullying - Submitted by John Stewart on November 30, 2009  
  As good parents we protect our children. We make certain they receive the best healthcare. We make sure their dental needs are met. We teach them not to speak to strangers and how to cross a busy street. But, what happens when your child is bullied? Unlike the old jokes about "my Dad will beat up your Dad," the reality is that this is an old problem exacerbated by our modern lifestyles.  
  Bullying - A Parent's Guide - Submitted by Need2Know on November 11, 2009  
  Jennifer Thomson's informative guide will give a whole new perspective on this age-old problem that blights children's lives. She will offer some answers as to why children are bullied and how parent's can stop it from happening, as well as providing some proven methods on how to help the bullied child boost their plummeting self-esteem.  
  Good-Bye Bully Machine Book Video - Submitted by Jenni on September 08, 2009  
  Kids ages 8 & up learn what bullying is, why it hurts, and what they can do to stop it. When bullying happens consistently, it can feel like a scary machine. Break the bully machine with this helpful book.  
  I Am Jack - Submitted by Susan on September 01, 2009  
  I Am Jack (Tricycle Press), by a child development specialist whose own child was bullied, is a novel about bullying that’s been used again and again to help and empower kids. Based on real people and real experience, I Am Jack serves as a great discussion prompt for groups, schools, and communities. It’s been used by educators throughout Australia as a teaching tool, where Jack has become a well-known character, so much so that Monkey Baa (a national children’s theater company) has produced it for the stage and tours it throughout the country. Author Susanne Gervay has written many articles on the topic, about how all parties involved in bullying (victim, bully, bystanders, and even teachers, parents and caregivers) can get entangled in the process and need guidance. Her work has been recognized internationally.  
  Daisy May Publishing - Submitted by Pauline Cormier on July 04, 2007  
  Four young students from London, Ontario attended a workshop where each wrote and illustrated a story about bullying. These students shared their feelings of frustration and their perspective on bullying in their book, Bullying- Has This Ever Happened to You? Each share a unique story that gives insight as to how children think and feel about being bullied and about bullies themselves. Teachers and parents can use this book to start dialogues on dealing with bullies and maintaining positive self-esteem.  
  Third House Down Hidden Cove - Submitted by Linda on July 20, 2009  
  I submitted this recommendation in May of 2009, but for some reason no one is able to access the web site, so I am resubmitting the book so, whoever is interested in the book, can click on the site and go to the information about Kevin D. Garrahan and Third House Down Hidden Cove. This is a great book for children ages 8 and up. The author, Kevin D. Garrahan, has been a 6th grade teacher for the last 13 years and has seen first hand how children can be so cruel to each other. Third House Down Hidden Cove deals with peer pressure and bullying in a very realistic way. Even though the topic is a serious issue, the book is an easy and enjoyable read. Recently, Third House Down Hidden Cove was approved by The US Department of Health and Human Services as a "book" resource on their bullying. Your Time and consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated.  
  Please Stop Laughing At Me and Please Stop Laughing at Us - Submitted by Rebekah on June 15, 2009  
  These books tell the story of Jodee Blanco. The first is her own journey through bullying from about 5th grade until her graduation day of high school. The sequel is her journey through becoming an activist in the anti-bullying movement. It's a good story to read and also gives some great advice for teachers, students, parents and survivors.  
  Third House Down Hidden Cove - Submitted by Linda on May 08, 2009  
  This is a great book for children ages 8 and up. The author, Kevin D. Garrahan, has been a 6th grade teacher for the last 13 years and has seen first hand how children can be so cruel to each other. Third House Down Hidden Cove deals with peer pressure and bullying in a very realistic way. Even though the topic is a serious issue, the book is an easy and enjoyable read. Recently, Third House Down Hidden Cove was approved by The US Department of Health and Human Services as a "book" resource on their bullying web site: http://www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/kids. Your Time and consideration of this matter is greatly appreciated. Linda  
  Egghead - Submitted by Caroline on March 27, 2009  
  Told in alternating point of view, Egghead is a novel for young teens that explores bullying from the bystanders’ and victim’s eyes. Where is the line and what happens when it’s crossed? Nominated for: Canadian Library Association Book of the Year -- Young Adult 2009 Red Maple Award 2009 Snow Willow Award Recommended reading by Kids Help Phone and Barbara Coloroso. A free novel study guide is also available.  
  DON'T BULLY ME! - Book: A hands-on guide for children and adults - Submitted by Sue on October 30, 2008  
  DON'T BULLY ME! is an easy-to-use, interactive book in workbook format that encourages children and adults to explore a potential bullying situation together. Whether used at bedtime at home or as a basis for classroom discussions in school, this book manages to be non-threatening, playful, sensitive and realistic...all at the same time. Such a setting encourages children to find the courage they need to talk honestly about their worries and fears. The DON'T BULLY ME! book helps children to: Learn the facts about bullying; Know what to say or do when a bully strikes; Learn how to claim their right to feel safe in school; Understand that NO child can be safe...unless every child feels safe. Additional information can be found on our website.  
  Uncle Joe & Sally-It's OK to be Different - Submitted by Marion Quinton-Brake on June 19, 2008  
  This is a delightful fictional rabbit story that deals with verbal bullying in a lighthearted way. It includes lessons to be learned from the story as well as activity suggestions. Included in a "lucky" wooden rabbit ear, Good Deed Diary which is meant to encourage children to think of others. Upon completion of their good deed diary, they can email for their own E-Congratulations certificate to frame. Further info can be found at my webpage.  
  Bullying: A Complete Guide to the Support Group Method - Submitted by Elena on June 06, 2008  
  Previously referred to as the No Blame Approach, the pioneering work of George and Barbara has been popular amongst practitioners seeking an alternative method to punishment for dealing with bullying in their setting. This publication incorporates an updated edition of their best selling 'Crying for Help' and provides a clear practical guide and an explanation of the theory and values underpinning the work.  
  Submitted by Heather on December 28, 2007  
  This is a middle-grade chapter book on cyberbullying. This page-turner is sad, at times funny, and very current.  
  Ten Essential Facts of Life Every Teenager Should Know - Submitted by Dan on August 17, 2009  
  Great Chapter in this book on bully  
  Submitted by Kathy Noll & Dr. Jay Carter on April 01, 2004  
  "Taking the Bully by the Horns" is different from other books on bullying because most bullying books that are out are either children’s fiction, or simply a long list of statistics only adults would be interested in that you can easily find on the Internet. This book is Self-help. Intended for children to read themselves since it is written in first person and speaks directly to the child/young teen. It could also be read to a class by a teacher or shared with a younger child by a parent. It also fits in the Psychology category (and Self-esteem) thanks to Dr. Jay Carter’s input, advice, and editing. This is very important because both victims and bullies need help with their self-esteem. Obviously the victim’s self-esteem is shattered by the bully and needs rebuilding, but what a lot of people don't know is that bullies also have a low self-esteem. Don’t mistake arrogance for a healthy or high self-esteem. If they felt good about themselves then why the need to “control” other people all the time? This book is not only designed to help the victim, but is also the only book that has a chapter speaking directly to the BULLIES. The book works on reforming the bullies as well so what is referred to in the book as, "The Bully Cycle," is stopped. Bullying creating more bullies. Many bullies started out as victims who were victimized to the point where they couldn't take it anymore, stopped caring, lost all hope, and became "the bully" themselves.  
  You and Me Bully Free - Submitted by Frank on January 09, 2004  
  This new book is an innovative approach because it aims at dealing with bullying before it actually occurs. It is for children of all ages. If children can learn about the different types of bullying and the best ways to get it stopped they are much better prepared for what happens. It also aims to show bullies what other people really think of them. The book is for use as a school resource or at home with parents and children reading and discussing it together. My kids love it and I originally wrote the stories just for them. I decided to turn it into a book after I saw how effective it was. It is available by sending a check or money order to: Frank Davis P.O. Box 300 Merewether,2291 N.S.W. Australia. The price is Canadian $11.80 or US$9.20 This includes postage. If you would like any further details you can e-mail me at youandmebullyfree@hotmail.com. I would like to hear from you anyway even if it is nothing to do with the book. Isn't www.bullying.org the best Website around? I tell everyone that it is the biggest and best in the world and it is streets ahead of second.  
  Why Me? - Submitted by Butch on December 25, 2003  
  Bullying Has Happened To 35% of Girls In School! Discover How To Recognize Bullies and Stop Them In Their Tracks With Why Me?  
  The Bully - Submitted by Butch on December 25, 2003  
  The Bully book teaches children and adults how to recognize a child who has bully problems and how to deal with the problem in a positive way.  
  Stop the Bullying A Handbook for Schools by Dr. Ken Rigby - Submitted by Pamella on November 11, 2003  
  Published by the Australian Council for Educational Research in 2003. "A practical handbook with an easy to apply set of ideas and advice on how bullying in schools can be stopped."  
  Don't Pick On Me: How to Handle Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Stones, R. (1993) "Don't Pick On Me: How to Handle Bullying." Markham, Ontario: Pembrok Publishers  
  Let's Talk About Teasing - Submitted by anonymous on January 09, 2003  
  Berry, J.W. (1982) "Let's Talk About Teasing." Newark, NJ: Peter Pan Industries  
  Crying For Help: The No Blame approach to bullying - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  

Crying For Help
The No Blame approach to bullying
by George Robinson and Barbara Maines
Price £10.00
ISBN 1 873942 86 9

The No Blame Approach to bullying

by George Robinson and Barbara Maines

You have probably heard of the No Blame Approach to bullying. The method was featured in the BBC 2 documentary “I just want it to stop!” (August 1997)

This book is the only comprehensive account of the work describing the development & explaining how it works. This is supported by accounts from teachers, psychologists & parents describing their experiences using the method with children and young people in primary and secondary settings.

An essential read for every school wishing to evaluate its antibullying procedures.

  Keys to Dealing with Bullies - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  McNamara, B., & McNamara, F. (1997). Keys to Dealing with Bullies. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's.  
  Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Olweus, Dan. "Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do", 1993; $19.95. Contact: Blackwell Publishers, P.O. Box 20, Williston, VT 05495; (800) 216-2522  
  Aggression in the Schools: Bullies and Whipping Boys - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Olweus, Dan. "Aggression in the Schools: Bullies and Whipping Boys." Washington, D.C.: Hemisphere, 1978.  
  You Can't Say You Can't Play - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Paley, V. (1992). "You Can't Say You Can't Play." Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.  
  The Tough Kid Book: Practical Classroom Management Strategies - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Rhode, Ginger, William R. Jenson and H. Kenton Reavis. "The Tough Kid Book: Practical Classroom Management Strategies." Longmont, Colo.: Sopris West, 1992.  
  Bullyproof: A Teachers Guide on Teasing and Bullying for Use with Fourth and Fifth Grade Students - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Sjostrom, Lisa, Stein, Nan, and Emily Gaberman. "Bullyproof: A Teachers Guide on Teasing and Bullying for Use with Fourth and Fifth Grade Students." Wellesley, Mass.: Center for Research on Women, 1996.  
  No Bullying Starts Today! - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  

No Bullying Starts Today!
by George Robinson, Jane Sleigh and Barbara Maines
Price £15.00
ISBN 1 873942 01 X

by George Robinson, Jane Sleigh & Barbara Maines

Since 1990 we have joined many schools to help them organise anti-bullying days for pupils. This publication is a collection of activities, processes and programmes that have been put together to help schools organise either a single awareness day or a series of shorter workshop sessions for pupils.

• Practical aspects of antibullying work
• Ideas for whole school “keynote” sessions
• Facilitators’ instructions for group activities
• Copiable worksheets and overhead foils.

The programmes are suitable for secondary and upper primary use. They provide an excellent project for primary - secondary liaison including year 6/7 joint work during the summer term.

  Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Smith, P.K. and Sharpe, S. (1994). "Tackling Bullying in Your School: A Practical Handbook for Teachers." London: Routledge.  
  Kindness Is Contagious, Catch It! - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  STOP Violence Coalition. "Kindness Is Contagious, Catch It!" available from STOP Violence Coalition, 301 E. Armour, Suite 205, Kansas City, MO 64111.  
  Behind closed doors: Violence in the American Family - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Straus, M.A., Gelles, RJ., and Steinmetz, S.K. (1981). "Behind closed doors: Violence in the American Family." Garden City, N.Y: Anchor Books.  
  Take Action Against Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Take Action Against Bullying -by Bully B'Ware Productions. This easy to read, practical book is designed to compliment the video or to be used as a resource on its own. It contains interesting information about bullies and victims, and offers sensible advice on how to teach anti-bullying techniques in the classroom or school. This book is for all teachers, counselors, parents and administrators of intermediate, middle and junior high school age students. Blackline masters and posters are also available for teachers.  
  TLC: Talking Listening Connecting - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  "TLC: Talking Listening Connecting" by Paul M. Rosen  
  Countering Bullying: Initiatives by Schools and Local Authorities - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Tattum Delwyn and Graham Herbert. Countering Bullying: Initiatives by Schools and Local Authorities. Stoke-on-Trent, England: Trentham Books, 1993.  
  Bullying in Schools - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Tattum, Delwyn and David A. Lane, eds. Bullying in Schools. Stoke-on-Trent, England: Trentham Books, 1989.  
  Project Essential - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Teel Institute for the Development of Integrity and Ethical Behavior. Project Essential, available from Teel Institute for the Development of Integrity and Ethical Behavior, 101 E. Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64111-1203.  
  Parent's Book About Bullying, The - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Voors, Bill "Parent's Book About Bullying, The" (Hazelden Information and Educational Services, 2000)  
  Is Everybody Always Picking on Me: A Special Curriculum for Young People to Help Them Cope with Bullying. - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Webster-Doyle, Terrence and Adryan Russ. Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Me: A Special Curriculum for Young People to Help Them Cope with Bullying. 1994. Atrium Society Publications P.O. Box 816 Middlebury, VT 05753 (800) 966-1998 or (802) 388-0922. This book helps children and teens to develop the confidence needed to resolve conflicts without fighting and to cope with bullies.  
  Spreading Kindness: A Program Guide for Reducing Youth and Peer Violence in the Schools - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Weinhold, Barry K., ed. Spreading Kindness: A Program Guide for Reducing Youth and Peer Violence in the Schools, available from The Kindness Campaign, c/o the C.U. Foundation, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, P.O. Box 7150, Colorado Springs, CO 80933.  
  Bullying: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature and Resources - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Skinner, Alison. Bullying: An Annotated Bibliography of Literature and Resources. Leicester, England: Youth Work Press, 1992.  
  Set Straight on Bullies - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Greenbaum, Stuart, Brenda Turner and Ronald D. Stephens. "Set Straight on Bullies." Malibu, Calif.: Pepperdine University Press, 1989. National School Safety Center 4165 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Suite 290 Westlake Village, CA 91362 (805) 373-9977. The problem of bullying is examined in this book. It offers prevention and intervention strategies for parents, teachers, and students.
  No Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  

Bitney, James. "No Bullying." Minneapolis, Minn.: The Johnson Institute.

  Bullying: Don't Suffer in Silence - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  "Bullying: Don't Suffer in Silence." An Anti-Bullying Pack for Schools. London: HMSO Publications, 1994.  
  The Good, The Bad And The Bully - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  California Association of School Psychologists. "The Good, The Bad And The Bully." Resource Paper April 1997: 1-8.
  Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Conflict Resolution Skills in Children - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Carlsson-Paige, Nancy and Levin, Diane. Minneapolis, MN: Redleaf Press, 1998
"Before Push Comes to Shove: Building Conflict Resolution Skills in Children."
  The Best Day of the Week - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Carlsson-Paige, Nancy. "The Best Day of the Week." Minneapolis, MN: Redleaf Press, 1998.  
  Taking the Bully by the Horns - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Carter, Dr. Jay, MA, PsyD and Kathy Noll "Taking the Bully by the Horns"  
  Changing Channels - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  "Changing Channels" Cambridge, MA: Educators for Social Responsibility, 1997.  
  Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict and other Hard Times - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Cooper, Scott "Sticks and Stones: 7 Ways Your Child Can Deal with Teasing, Conflict and other Hard Times." ISBN # 0-8129-3240-4, Publisher Times Books, New York.  
  Bullies & Victims: Helping Your Child Through the Schoolyard Battlefield - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Fried, SuEllen and Paula Fried. "Bullies & Victims: Helping Your Child Through the Schoolyard Battlefield". New York: M. Evans and Company, Inc., 1996.
  Safe To Tell: Producing an effective antibullying policy in schools - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  

Safe To Tell :

Producing an effective antibullying policy in schools
by Barbara Maines and George Robinson
Price £30.00 plus £5.25 VAT
ISBN 1 873942 33 8

Producing an effective antibullying policy in schools

by Barbara Maines and George Robinson

Schools have a duty of care to the pupils and that duty includes the responsibility to reduce the frequency of bullying and to respond appropriately with a safe intervention when it has happened.

Occasionally a pupil or ex-pupil might, looking back on a time of unhappiness and school failure, choose to prosecute the school or the LEA for failing to deal effectively with the bullying.

Recognising this responsibility Bristol City Council has commissioned a programme to support schools in drawing up and implementing a safe policy. The video training pack comprehensively illustrates the necessary elements of the policy and includes views on racist and homophobic bullying, record keeping and an expert opinion on litigation.

  Bully-Proofing Your School: A Comprehensive Approach for Elementary Schools - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Garrity, Carla, Kathryn Jens, William Porter, Nancy Sager and Cam Short-Camilli. "Bully-Proofing Your School: A Comprehensive Approach for Elementary Schools." Longmont, Colo.: Sopris West, 1994. 1996; $29.95. Contact: Sopris West, 1140 Boston Ave., Longmont, CO; 80501; (303) 651-2829.  
  Move Over, Twerp - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Alexander, Martha. Move Over, Twerp. New York: Dial, 1981.  
  The Bullying Prevention Handbook: A Guide for Principals, Teachers, and Counselors - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Hoover, John H. and Ronald Oliver. "The Bullying Prevention Handbook: A Guide for Principals, Teachers, and Counselors." Bloomington, Ind.: National Educational Service, 1996; $21.95. Contact: National Education Service, 1252 Loesch Rd., Bloomington, IN 47402; (812) 336-7700 or (800) 733-6786.  
  How Parents Can Take Action Against Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  How Parents Can Take Action Against Bullying -by Bully B'Ware Productions. This book is for any parents who are concerned that their child may be being targeted and/or victimized in schools, extra curricular sporting venues and so on. Recommended by leading researchers in the area of bullying and relational aggression. How Parents Can Take Action Against Bullying gives parents valuable information on the topic itself as well as how to best handle any concerns they might have for their children.  
  The Assist Program - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Huggins, Pat. "The Assist Program," a series of nine books to promote students' self-esteem and build interpersonal skills. Titles include Teaching Friendship Skills (primary and intermediate versions); Helping Kids Handle Anger; Helping Kids Find Their Strengths; Building Self-Esteem in the Classroom (primary and intermediate versions); Teaching Cooperation Skills; Creating a Caring Classroom; Teaching About Sexual Abuse. Longmont, Colo.: Sopris West.  
  Stick Up For Yourself - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Kaufman, Gershen Ph.D., Lev Raphael, Ph.D., and Pamela Espeland.Stick Up For Yourself -Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem (Revised and Updated Edition) by A teacher's guide is also available.  
  Keeping Your Child Safe from Bullies - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  "Keeping Your Child Safe from Bullies." The Violence Prevention Project, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, (800)580-0660.  
  School-age Adventures in Peacemaking - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Kreidler, William and Furlong, Lisa. "School-age Adventures in Peacemaking." Cambridge, MA: Educators for Social Responsibility, 1995.  
  Elementary Perspectives - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Kreidler, William. "Elementary Perspectives." Cambridge, MA: Educators for Social Responsibility, 1990.  
  Conflict Resolution in the Middle School - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Kreidler, William. "Conflict Resolution in the Middle School" (Teachers Guide and Student Guide). Cambridge, MA: Educators for Social Responsibility, 1994, 1999.  
  Schools with Spirit: Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Lantieri, Linda. "Schools with Spirit: Nurturing the Inner Lives of Children and Teachers." Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 2001.
  Waging Peace in Our Schools - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Lantieri, Linda and Patti, Janet. "Waging Peace in Our Schools." Boston, MA: Beacon Press, 1996.  
  Let's Talk About Living in a World With Violence - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Gabarino, James. "Let's Talk About Living in a World With Violence", available from Erikson Institute, Suite 600, 420 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611.  
  Teasing and Bullying: Unacceptable Behaviour - Submitted by Marilyn on January 24, 2003  
  This practical and well-researched, bullying awareness, prevention and intervention resource is designed for elementary school-age children. The resource includes a teacher's guide, a video and 3 conflict resolution posters. The guide contains conflict resolution strategies and black line masters for in-class and student-parent home activities. See www.tab.ualberta.ca for development and ordering information.  
  Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Me: A Guide to Understanding Bullies for Young People. - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Webster-Doyle, Terrence. Why Is Everybody Always Picking on Me: A Guide to Understanding Bullies for Young People. Middlebury, Vt.: Atrium Society Publications, 1991.  
  Tyrone the Horrible - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Wilhelm, Hans. Tyrone the Horrible. New York: Scholastic, Inc., 1988.  
  First Grade King. - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Williams, Karen Lynn. First Grade King. New York: Clarion Books, 1992.  
  The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander - Submitted by anonymous on January 11, 2003  

The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander
ISBN: 0-00-200648-0
by Barbara Coloroso
From Pre-School to High School—How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence

  Submitted by anonymous on January 11, 2003  
  Bullying in Schools and What to Do About It
by Dr. Ken Rigby
A book that uses recent Australian and overseas studies to demonstrate that positive steps can be taken and the incidence of bullying can be significantly reduced
  Submitted by anonymous on January 11, 2003  
  Books for Students, Teacher and Parents
A listing of additional resources on bullying, that teachers may find useful to enhance their school's program on bullying. The resources include: 1) books for Elementary/Middle School Students, 2) Books for Middle School Students and, 3) Resources for Teachers and Parents from The Institute for Families in Society, University of South Carolina.
  Submitted by anonymous on January 11, 2003  
  Take Action Against Bullying (book, video, poster)
A selected bibliography of bullying books, videos and posters from Bully BeWare, created by educators in British Columbia, Canada.
  Please Stop Laughing At Me - Submitted by Amy on January 21, 2003  

"Please Stop Laughing At Me..." by Jodee Blanco gives the victims of school bullying a voice. Jodee is a survivor of many years of school bullying. Now, she is a successful business woman.  ISBN # 1-58062-836-2

  Battling the School-Yard Bully - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Zarzour, Kim Battling the School-Yard Bully. The author examines the dynamics of bullying and offers suggestions on how to stop the cycle of bullying, prevent children from becoming either a bully or a victim, and raise children who are assertive but not aggressive.Available from: Odin Books 1993 Inc., 1110 West Broadway, Vancouver, B.C., V6H 1G5. Phone: 1-(800)-223-6346 or (604)-739-8804. Fax: (604)-739-8874.  
  Bully Free Classroom, The - Submitted by anonymous on January 04, 2003  
  Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K- 8" by Allan L. Beane, Free Spirit Publishing, Inc. ISBN 1-57542-054-6  
  Rules of Civility for the 21st Century - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Rules of Civility for the 21st Century from Cub and Boy Scouts across America (144p., illus, History of rules of civility, civility workshop, $15 paperback) Values from boys for boys after considering the values George Washington wrote out as a boy. Under consideration for character education programs around the country. Available through amazon.com, Ingrim/Barnes & Noble, or call 800-345-6665  
  Half Mast - Submitted by Christopher on February 10, 2003  
  This novel by Christopher Null shows the dark side of bullying and retaliation, and opens up the communication lines about proper responses to the problem. ISBN 0-9720981-0-0  
  No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine - Submitted by Anne on February 14, 2003  
  This compelling true story answers many questions about the two boys who horrified their community and the world by shooting to death twelve students and one teacher at their high school in Littleton, Colorado in April 1999. In the hope that his story will help prevent future acts of school violence, Brooks Brown pours his heart and soul into the retelling of this tragic event that affected so many. In No Easy Answers, Brooks Brown, with co-author Rob Merritt, relates his personal experience of growing up with Dylan Klebold, one of the two Columbine shooters, and attending Columbine High School with Dylan and Eric Harris, the second shooter. He argues that the antagonistic environment at the high school led to the vilification of a group of “outsiders,” which included himself, Dylan, Eric, and others. Brooks describes the hostility that Dylan and Eric developed in response to the bullying they experienced and the ways in which that hostility found expression. Shocking as well as inspirational and insightful, No Easy Answers is an authentic wake-up call for all the psychologists, authorities, parents, and law enforcement personnel who have attempted to understand the murders at Columbine High School. As the title suggests, the book offers no easy answers, but instead presents the unvarnished facts about growing up as an alienated teenager in America today.  
  No one Knew What to do: A Story about Bullying - Submitted by Beth on February 28, 2003  
  Author: Becky Ray McCain This is great story to use with ages 5-10 to encourage children to work together to stop bullies.  
  Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child - Submitted by Kelly on March 12, 2003  
  Drawing on dozens of family studies, John Gottman describes the best parenting techniques to ensure children stay emotionally healthy through family crises such as marital conflict, divorce or serious illness. Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child outlines a five-step emotional coaching program designed to help parents recognize their children's emotions and expressions, listen empathetically, validate feelings and label emotions in simple terms. Finally, parents will learn to teach children of any age about solving problems and coping with difficult issues.  
  Playtrain - Submitted by Daniel on March 14, 2003  
  This is an online book that deals with the issue of bullies. You can read it online for free or purchase the book online. If you're a fan of the Harry Potter type genres and want to see what it's like when the Bully has to become the hero, then be sure to check out this book!  
  Terrible Things - Submitted by Paula on April 17, 2003  
  A story of animals in the forest who do not stick together when then "Terrible Things" come and take one type of animal away at a time. An allegory of the Holocaust that can easily be applied to bullies anywhere. I do a play for elementary students based on this book. (with the author's written permission!)  
  The Tales of Grampa Sea - Submitted by Jon on May 06, 2003  
  A selection of stories that both parents and teachers can use to help children deal with big issues like bullying and bereavment. The stories are told by the character Grampa Sea to his grandaughter Susan and are inspired by the many cultures of the world. They are primarily aimed at seven to eleven year olds but many age groups can appreciate them. They are currently being used in primary schools in the UK.  
  Bullying: A Spiritual Crisis - Submitted by Kristin on May 14, 2003  
  This book proposes strategies that will help identify, heal, and prevent the violence of bullying and to aid in nurturing relationships that feed underlying spiritual needs.  
  Submitted by Denise Hynd on May 21, 2003  
  by Gary and Ruth Namie (published by Source books Il)  
  The Bully - Submitted by Butch Pujol on June 25, 2003  
  Bullies are a growing problem in our schools and neighborhoods. The Bully addresses the issue of bullies in the school and gives helpful suggestions to both parents and children on how to deal with the stressful situation in a positive manner. The Bully book is illustrated with child-oriented graphics that encourages children to read the book for themselves, and it includes a short quiz with helpful feedback for both parents and children. The pages can be printed and used as a coloring book while the material is discussed in a non-threatening manner.  
  Connecting Kids: Exploring Diversity Together - Submitted by anonymous on January 04, 2003  
  by Linda D. Hill, Ph.D. ISBN 0-86571-431-2 Published by New Society Publishers (NSP) 1-800-567-6772.  
  Beating Bully O'Brien - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Coombs, Karen Mueller. Beating Bully O'Brien. New York: Avon, 1991.  
  Berenstain Bears and the Bully - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Berenstain, Stan and Jan Berenstain. The Berenstain Bears and the Bully. New York: Random House, 1993.  
  Bully on the Bus - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Bosch, Carl W. Bully on the Bus. Seattle: Parenting- Press, 1988.  
  Mean Maxine - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Bottner, B. Mean Maxine. New York: Pantheon, 1980.  
  Baily the Big Bully - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Boyd, L. Baily the Big Bully, New York: Puffin Books, 1991.  
  I Like Me - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Carlson, N. (1988) "I Like Me." New York: Viking  
  What a Wimp! - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Carrick, Carol. What a Wimp! New York: Clarion Books, 1983.  
  The Bully of Barkham Street - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Stoltz, Mary. The Bully of Barkham Street. New York: Harper & Row, 1985.  
  Bully Trouble - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Cole, J. Bully Trouble. New York: Random House, 1989.  
  Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Shreve, Susan. Joshua T. Bates Takes Charge. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1993.  
  Camp Big Paw - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Cushman, D. Camp Big Paw. New York: Harper & Row, 1990.  
  Timothy and the Big Bully - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Dinardo, Jeffrey. Timothy and the Big Bully. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1988.  
  Furlie Cat - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Freshet, B. Furlie Cat. New York: Lothrop, 1986.  
  I Like Being Me - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Lalli, Judy "I LIKE BEING ME:" poems for children about feeling special, appreciating others and getting along, c. 1997, Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN # 1-57542-025-2  
  Make Someone Smile - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Lalli, Judy "MAKE SOMEONE SMILE" and 40 more ways to be a peaceful person, c. 1996, Free Spirit Publishing. ISBN # 1-57542-025-2  
  Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Romain, T. (1997). Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing, Inc.  
  Monster Mama - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Rosenberg, Liz. Monster Mama. New York: Philomel Books, 1993.  
  Shyness: What It Is. What to Do About It - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Zimbardo, P.G. (1990) Shyness: What It Is. What to Do About It. New York: Addison-Wesley.  
  How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and Other Meanies: A Book that Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense. - Submitted by anonymous on January 10, 2003  
  Cohen-Posey, Kate. How to Handle Bullies, Teasers, and Other Meanies: A Book that Takes the Nuisance Out of Name Calling and Other Nonsense. Highland City, Fla.: Rainbow Books, 1995.  
  The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story - Submitted by Rita on August 04, 2004  
  The Bully - a children's book on the subject of bullying. The black and white illustrations for the book can be coloured as the subject of bullying is discussed. A question and answer section for children, and a section for caregivers, is also included.  
  Canadian Children's Exposure to Violence: What it Means for Parents - Submitted by CCSD on September 17, 2003  

Canadian Children's Exposure to Violence: What it Means for Parents is the latest report to be released by the Canadian Council on Social Development in conjunction with Family Services Canada. The report reveals the dizzying array of violent images and behaviors children are exposed to on a daily basis and parents' perceptions of the dangers associated with this exposure. The full and summary reports are available on the CCSD website at http://www.ccsd.ca/pubs/2003/violence/

  Kentucky anti-bullying bill clears House panel - Submitted by anonymous on February 27, 2004  

Kentucky anti-bullying bill clears House panel -The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky -Thursday, February 26, 2004

FRANKFORT, Ky. — School districts would have to adopt discipline codes aimed at protecting pupils from "deliberate and repeated" bullying by their peers, under a measure the House Education Committee approved yesterday...


Sponsor: Robert "Buddy" Buckingham, D-Murray (send email through www.lrc.state.ky.us/Mailform/ buckingham.htm)

Click on the accompanying link to see the rest of the article.

  Kids Help Online - Submitted by Don on February 13, 2004  
  Kids Help Online was created as a Public Service to provide a central location on the World Wide Web where anyone can come and utilize our database and website to find Help Resources for Children and Teenagers that are as geographically close to them as possible.  
  Free stories, role-plays, & lesson plans on Bullying - Submitted by Debbie on November 09, 2009  

I am the National School Conflict Resolution Examiner for Examiner.com in the USA. I post free stories, role-plays, discussion questions articles, & lesson plans on bullying and other conflict resolution topics. Feel free to link to any or all of my articles for the benefit of your readers.


  Bullying: From Systemic Intervention to Assessment - Submitted by Chandra L. Stone on January 08, 2004  
I attached my SystemicIntervention.doc
A sixteen page document giving a brief overview of bullying in the United States, a list of bully and victim characteristics to show that both are impacted, a presentation of bullying from a lifespan perspective to show it progresses into more aggressive behaviors, a strategy to reduce bullying via 4 Core Elements of the Olweus Program along with many activities drawn from other resources that could fit into that program, other strategies to use from a systemic perspective, as well as a presentation of how to assess and evaluate your anti-bullying program.  Bullying: From Systemic Intervention to Assessment was presented by Chandra at the 2nd Annual Poster Session Mini Conference Fall for COUN 676 Professional Issues in School Counseling under Dr Vivian Lee at Old Dominion University during Fall 2003.
  View article  
  Mom and Sweet Ali - Submitted by Tracy Perkins on November 06, 2010  
I hope you enjoy this book, and that it can help to send positive messages to the children, and parents.
-Author, Tracy Perkins
  View article  
  Dangerous Schools: What We Can Do About the Physical and Emotional Abuse of Our Children - Submitted by Bill on September 17, 2003  

Irwin A. Hyman, Ed.D., Pamela A. Snook, RN, M.S.N.
ISBN: 0-7879-4363-0
288 pages
July 1999, Jossey-Bass
US $25.00

From the inner-city to the suburbs, thousands of school children are being systematically subjected to mandatory classroom policies which inflict both physical and emotional harm. Hundreds of school officials from across the country have been found guilty of sexual harassment, the illegal use of undercover agents, strip searches, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, punitive isolation, and other forms of institutional abuse. In Dangerous Schools, Professor Irwin Hyman and Pamela Snook, passionate advocates against the institutional maltreatment of children, reveal exactly what is going on in our nation's schools and what we must do about it.

"This book makes a strong argument against school abuses and offers clear and proven strategies for change. It will appeal to parents who suspect that their children have been maltreated by educators and for advocates who desire a blueprint for social change."---James Garbarino, codirector, Family Life Development Center, Cornell University; author, What Children Can Tell Us

  ITS A TEENS WORLD - Submitted by Lynn Glazier on November 06, 2009  

ITS A TEENS WORLD: wired for sex, lies and power trips is a powerful new documentary film told through the voices of teens who sound the alarm on the influence of the Internet, media and pop culture in their hyper-sexualized social world. From award-winning journalist and filmmaker Lynn Glazier, director of Its a Girls World.


NEW!  Available November 16, 2009 to coincide with National Bullying Awareness Week, the release of an enhanced DVD for educators, parents, youth groups, health care professionals and law enforcement.


·        Directors cut of the film (not seen on TV)

·        Three interactive educational modules on sexual pressures based on dramatic videos created by the teen participants in the documentary film

·        Ryans hit rap music video Under Pressure

·        Clips from the radio documentary series as heard on CBC Radios IDEAS


Visit www.itsateensworld.com for User Guides and other resources.


Take up the challenge to promote awareness and change in your school and community on the issue of sexual harassment among teens!

  Cyberbullying: Always On? Always Aware! - Submitted by Bill on June 18, 2003  

“Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies such as e-mail, cell phone and pager text messages, instant messaging, defamatory personal Web sites, and defamatory online personal polling Web sites, to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, that is intended to harm others.” –Bill Belsey


www.cyberbullying.ca is the world's first Web site that is solely devoted to the issue of cyberbullying. This unique Canadian Web site shares information regarding about the emerging global issue of cyberbullying. It addresses the prevention of cyberbullying and offers advice and support regarding what people can do if they or others they care for are cyberbullied. The Web site includes many Canadian references as well as other resources that relate to this issue from around the world. The Web site also includes a section that helps adults begin to decipher the use of cyberslang, the use of acronyms and emoticons that today’s “Always On” generation uses to communicate with each other.
  The Virtues Project - Submitted by anonymous on June 18, 2003  

The Vision of The Virtues ProjectTM is to serve humanity by supporting the moral and spiritual development of people of all cultures, by helping them to remember who they really are and to live by their highest values.

The Mission of The Virtues ProjectTM is to provide empowering strategies that inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life through programs of excellence and simplicity which support people of all ages to cultivate their virtues -- the gifts of character.

  StopHazing.org - Submitted by Elizabeth Allan on May 30, 2003  
  StopHazing.org is dedicated to promoting awareness about hazing.  The site features links to all state laws prohibiting hazing, myths and facts about hazing and a discussion board.  
  At School: A Cruel Culture - Submitted by anonymous on December 16, 2002  
  At School: A Cruel Culture -By Darcia Harris Bowman Education Week. March 21, 2001  
  The No Blame Approach to Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on March 02, 2004  

The No Blame Approach to Bullying

by George Robinson and Barbara Maines

You have probably heard of the No Blame Approach to bullying. The method was featured in the BBC 2 documentary “I just want it to stop!” (August 1997)

This book is the only comprehensive account of the work describing the development & explaining how it works. This is supported by accounts from teachers, psychologists & parents describing their experiences using the method with children and young people in primary and secondary settings.

An essential read for every school wishing to evaluate its anti-bullying procedures.
  Bullying Trends and Interventions - Submitted by Lindsay on May 02, 2003  

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Toronto: ?Bullying Trends and Interventions?, a pilot study among callers to Kids Help Phone, indicates that the plight of bullied children and youth is not improving, despite increased attention the issue has garnered in recent years.

?Schools, social service agencies and other organizations concerned with the welfare of Canada?s children and youth have all worked hard to implement bullying policies and programs over the past ten years,? says Christine Simmons-Physick, Kids Help Phone?s vice president, child and family services. ?In that time, we?ve also seen an increase in media attention to the issue through the coverage of several high-profile cases. All of these efforts should be applauded.

?We decided to do this study because we became concerned that the programs and interventions we?ve put in place aren?t doing enough to eradicate bullying completely.?

Early analysis of the results indicates that in very few cases the bullying stopped completely after victims sought help. Most participants indicated the bullying continued after seeking help and for some, the bullying got worse.

The pilot study sample was derived from 7,393 calls to Kids Help Phone about bullying received between 1996 and 2002 in addition to random in-depth interviews of 27 callers between February 11 and March 10, 2003.

The study also found:

? Most of the interviewed participants are aware of the resources, supports, programs and policies in place in their community;

? All of the interviewed participants had sought help from one or more of the following sources: a) a teacher/school staff; b) a friend; c) a parent; d) Kids Help Phone; e) the police; f) a coach; g) a doctor.

? Responses they received from adults were sometimes inconsistent and unpredictable ? some felt they were still not being taken seriously.

?Our early analysis of the results of this study makes me wonder if we?re paying enough attention to the effectiveness of these interventions and programs. Are we effectively following up to ensure they?re working?? asks Simmons-Physick.

?We?ve all done a great job on the first step, and now it?s time to collectively re-focus our efforts on the next step ? making sure these programs and policies are actually putting an end to bullying among young people.?

Since 1989, Kids Help Phone?s professional counsellors have been talking directly to Canadian children and youth on the phone and, more recently, on the Internet. Since 1996, it?s been consistently tracking those calls and holds one of the country?s richest databases of issues faced by Canadian kids. Every year, Kids Help Phone collects more than 120,000 records drawn from over 3,000 Canadian communities.

?Bullying Trends and Interventions? is a pilot study of initial data. It is the first installment in a series of annual studies and reports that Kids Help Phone will issue as part of a long-term look at the issues faced by Canadian children & youth. Kids Help Phone hopes the studies will help identify emerging issues affecting young people, resulting in public policy changes and front-line programs that will directly and positively impact Canadian children and families.

For a copy of the entire study, please visit kidshelp.sympatico.ca/bullystudy

About Kids Help Phone:

Kids Help Phone is Canada's only 24-hour, toll-free, bilingual and anonymous phone counselling, referral and Internet service for children and youth. Launched in 1989, Kids Help Phone was originally created as a safe, anonymous environment where kids suffering from abuse could talk to a professional counsellor. Today, Kids Help Phone?s counsellors answer approximately 1,000 calls and online questions every day from young people about a range of concerns, including sexual, physical and emotional abuse, drugs and suicide.

Kids Help Phone is funded entirely by the generous contributions of corporate and individual donors and does not rely on United Way or on-going government funding to provide its services. More than 10,000 volunteers across the country also help raise money and awareness for Kids Help Phone through special events, including the Bell Walk for Kids, which will take place in more than 30 communities across the country on Sunday May 4, 2003. For more information, visit www.bellwalkforkids.com.


Media contact: Karyn McMahon Bradfield, Manager, Marketing & Communications, (416) 581-8974 karyn.mcmahon@kidshelp.sympatico.ca or Lindsay George, Coordinator, Marketing & Communications (416) 586-5437, ext. 8345 lindsay.george@kidshelp.sympatico.ca

  Trevor and the Bully - Submitted by Lorraine Hearn on April 03, 2004  

A book for young people in PDF format. Written by Tia Morris and Geoffrrey Hoffe, edited by Greta Orsborn, illustrated by Sheri Lynn Hearn and Jennfier Fields.

This book is an initiative of the Grands Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland Committee Against Violence.



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  Let's Get Real - Submitted by Debra Chasnoff on April 08, 2004  
Let's Get Real:
A powerful new documentary where kids speak up about bullying
Name-calling and bullying are at epidemic proportions in schools across the country, particularly in middle schools where children are first learning to navigate through strict social hierarchies. Unlike the vast majority of videos made for schools about the issue, Let's Get Real doesn’t sugarcoat the truth or feature adults lecturing kids about what to do when “bad” kids pick on them. Let's Get Real gives young people the chance to tell their stories in their own words—and the results are heartbreaking, shocking, inspiring and poignant.

Let's Get Real examines a variety of issues that lead to taunting and bullying, including racial differences, perceived sexual orientation, learning disabilities, religious differences, sexual harassment and others. The film not only gives a voice to targeted kids, but also to kids who do the bullying to find out why they lash out at their peers and how it makes them feel. The most heartening part of Let's Get Real includes stories of kids who have mustered the courage to stand up for themselves or a classmate.

Of all the films in The Respect for All Project about young people and prejudice, Let's Get Real is turning out to be the most sobering, the most real and, perhaps, the most important.
Since 1978, Women’s Educational Media has produced and distributed films on issues ranging from environmental concerns to affordable housing to preventing prejudice. No matter the topic, we approach each project with the goal of creating lasting social change, and we have a proven track record of achieving results.
  Walk Away - Submitted by Concerned Children's Advertisers on June 23, 2004  

Lesson plans about bullying from the Concerned Children's Advertisers (Canada) in PDF format.

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  A Spanish Book for Teens on How to Liberate Ourselves from the Effects of Bullying - Submitted by Barbara Monjeslocos on November 01, 2008  


We would like to share for your spanish speaking audience the release of a new book a tale for teenagers on how to liberate themselves from the effects of bullying in their present and their future. The book is called CQP 1.0 and its the story on how a young spanish teen under the attack of school bullies is about to give up when he meets two mysterious persons in school who will introduce him to a computer program called CQP 1.o, meaning (OH, Yes You Can 1.0).
The program is a combination from the life experiences of its author, Roge, the school caretaker, a man who was bullied and became a bully in his childhood. His life as a sailor on an english merchant navy ship and his experiences in a mysterious and unknown african town will be crucial for the unfoldment of CQP 1.0, the program.

With the insights and the techniques acquired, Goyo will now find a new reason and strength to transform his own life and free himself from the trap of bullying.
Free to be himself for the first time in his life, he is now a teenager who´s managed to transform a tale of failure into an adventure of success and self empowerment.

The teachings include in CQP 1.0 are focused on liberating ourselves from the psychological and emotional traps created by bullies to keep us entrapped. It will provide tips, exercises and help to build up our self esteem and gain inner power and strength to avoid being pulled into the mental projections and power games of the agressors.

The book costs 13 euros plus shipement from Spain and can be purchased by sending an email to: monjeslocos@gmail.com
Our website is under construction but our blog is:

Many thanks!


  Submitted by Lorraine on November 16, 2002  
  Breaking the Silence: A Guide to Help Chldren With Complicated Grief/Suicide, - Submitted by anonymous on December 16, 2002  
  by Linda Goldman, Homicide, AIDS, Violence, and Abuse (Tayolor and Francis Publishers, 1996/2nd edition in press).  
  "Have Courage My Love - A Brave Encounter with a Bully" - Submitted by Jason on November 16, 2002  
  "Have Courage My Love - A Brave Encounter with a Bully" by Lisa Hewitt-Savelli, published by Azil Books. An interactive approach for discussing peer pressure, bullying and self-esteem with children. For children ages 4 to 12. ISBN 0-9685305-1-6.  
  Battling Bullying: A Whole School Approach - Submitted by anonymous on December 16, 2002  
  from the Prevention Update newsletter (Fall 2000).  
  Ballad of An e-mail Terrorist - Submitted by anonymous on December 16, 2002  
  What do you do when your fourth grade student receives an obscene email message? This lengthy message describes a recent real problem and how we managed it. by Al Rogers of the Global SchoolNet Foundation.  
  Schoolwide Prevention of Bullying -Adobe Arobat PDF format - Submitted by anonymous on December 16, 2002  
  A free book created by the Morthwest Regional Education Library in partnership with www.bullying.org.  
  Anti-bullying Law: Arizona House Bill 25 - Submitted by anonymous on February 27, 2004  

Bill would outlaw bullying at schools

Robbie Sherwood
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 26, 2004 12:00 AM

Amid emotional stories from parents of bullied children, lawmakers took the first step Wednesday to outlaw bullying at Arizona schools...

Click on the accompanying link to see the rest of the story.


  Submitted by Kelly on March 13, 2003  

"A World of Difference - Learning to live With Less Violence" is a  VIDEO designed  as a visual communication tool that stimulates dialogue about how schools might develop more positive learning environments in their respective cultures. Successful examples from three
schools, one in Canada, one in Finland and one in Scotland, are featured. These schools have earned respect for having addressed the issues surrounding school violence and bullying.This presentation addresses the following issues:
• building positive learning environments
• school violence
• bullying and aggression

The intended audience includes:
•teachers - in-service and pre-service workshops
•parents - councils and neighbourhood meetings
•students - leaders
•community organizations

The package includes a booklet to complement the video, providing more information about the research project, the schools involved and other resources.

  Town of Hannah, Alberta adopts anti-bullying bylaw - Submitted by Bill on November 21, 2007  

Town of Hannah, Alberta adopts anti-bullying bylaw

Jackie Gold
Tuesday November 20, 2007

The Town of Hanna decided to take a firm stance against bullying during their Nov. 13 meeting, by voting to adopt policy 07-01, effective immediately.

Under the newly adopted policy all Town of Hanna facilities, events and programs will enforce a zero tolerance level for bullying.

At the meeting councillors were told that the intent of the policy is to "respect the safety, health and welfare of people."

The policy noted that bullying would be construed as conscious, willful, deliberate, hostile and repeated behavior by one or more people to harm others.

"It may include the harassment of others by the real or threatened infliction of physical violence and attacks," the policy noted, as well as racial, ethnic or gender based put-downs and name calling, both spoken and/or written down.
The policy noted that consequences of breaking the zero tolerance bullying policy will result in severe consequences, which will depend on both the form and extent of the actions.

Additionally the policy stated that the Hanna RCMP would be notified if acts of bullying during an event, program or in a Town facility that broke criminal code laws took place.

Hanna Town council was told that the policy was in preparation of Bullying Awareness Week, which began on Nov. 18 and runs until Nov. 24.

In their brief councillors were told that in North America bullying is the most common form of violence, with between 15 and 30 per cent of students and seven per cent of seniors facing some form of emotional or financial abuse. Council approved the policy as presented.


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  But Names Will Never Hurt Me - Submitted by anonymous on January 31, 2003  

But Names Will Never Hurt Me  -a video for grades K-5 is the portrayal of the relentless name-calling and humiliation of Rebecca. Then one person extends the hand of true friendship. But is that enough? Soon the rest of her classmates also discover that Rebecca is not as different as they thought. 22 minutes
$69.95 + $4.95 S&H (total of $74.50 each)

Send orders and inquiries to:
Kids Hope
150 Bluff Creek Lane
Ball Ground, GA 30107-2143 USA
Phone/Fax: 1-800-465-4758
E-mail: AKidsHope@aol.com

  "B" is for Bully - Submitted by Alan on February 03, 2003  

"B" is for Bully is the name of a play about bullying which is designed to be performed by students in Junior grades. All the characters are objects in a desk. Blanche, the liquid paper, is the bully who picks on the erasers, Roberta and Rose. The message of the play is that bystanders need to speak up as they give power to the bully.

The teacher resource includes not only the play but 30 anti-bullying activities which involve language arts, visual arts, drama, music and even dance. There are also suggestions for costumes and sets along with ideas for using the play in other ways.

For more information, contact:
e-mail address, alang@primus.ca, or by telephone (416-466-7040) or by mail, 87 Monarch Park Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4J 4R1

  Bullying Amongst Females - Submitted by Caitie on February 08, 2003  
For a class project I did a project on bullying amongst females in Toronto Catholic Schools. This is what I found out:
-3 out of 4 thought it was more common for girls to pick on girls, than boys to pick on girls
-most bullying amongst girls happens between the ages of 7 and 14
-30% have skipped or wanted to skip school to avoid a bully
-almost half of the girls surveyed admitted to spreading rumours about someone to get back at them
I found these points very interesting. Hopefully this will help some people to become more aware of problems caused by bullying.
Age 17
Toronto, Canada
  The Spit Brothers - Submitted by Neill on February 12, 2003  
  The Spit Brothers © Words & Lyrics by Neill Kramer Musical Composition by Dave Mampel Download script and listen to two demo songs at: http://www.cyberpuppy.com/spit/Spit_Brothers.htm Contact: Neill Kramer --- neill@cyberpuppy.com *** Synopsis *** Topic: Bullying, father-son and peer-to-peer relationships Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour Cast: 2 main boy actors (ages 8-10); supplementary kid actors (3-5 boys ages 8-10, 1 small girl – or girls playing boy parts); 3 adult actors; kid dancers (between 5 and 20). The Spit Brothers is a contemporary musical that concerns itself with the relationship between two boys, as we see them through their father and son and peer relationships. One boy, RUSTY, has a father that’s too busy to spend much time with him, while the other boy, ROB, has a very caring Dad. ROB has a physical handicap and is confined to a wheelchair during the key section of the play. However, he is mentally normal. RUSTY’S Dad is a businessman. He cares about RUSTY but is desperately trying to keep his business afloat. ROB’S Dad is a clown and is enamored with his son but is also a bit silly. RUSTY is a socially aggressive kid and when he is in a peer group he knows how to control the others. He likes to think he’s a “rock and roller” and a movie star. It’s his way of drawing attention to himself, since try as he might, he can’t get the full attention of his Dad. ROB tries to be an equal to RUSTY, but most of the time it doesn’t work out. There are several scenes where RUSTY repeatedly bullies ROB around. RUSTY eventually pushes ROB''S wheelchair over (after ROB makes a derogatory remark to him). In the next scene, out of sheer frustration and with the help of some of his friends, ROB ambushes RUSTY and smashes eggs onto RUSTY’S head, admonishing him. The resolution of the conflict between RUSTY and ROB occurs when a film crew comes to town. The kids stand behind a roped-off area while the DIRECTOR asks for one local kid to be in a scene. To the surprise of everyone, RUSTY volunteers ROB for the scene. RUSTY then does a cool “move” and suddenly the DIRECTOR wants RUSTY and his “move” to be in the movie, too. The final scene is the repeat of an earlier RUSTY song, “I Think it’s Groovy to Live in a Movie,” but now ROB is up there singing by his side. An epilogue is then performed. RUSTY and ROB are adults. They are amazed to see their babies give each other the same “spit brothers high-five handshake” that they used to give each other when they were kids. Notes: While the play is meant to be performed with children in the lead roles, it is conceivable that adult actors performing as children could work.  
  Do interventions to reduce bullying in a school really work?" - Submitted by anonymous on February 12, 2003  

Dr. Ken Rigby's paper, "Do interventions to reduce bullying in a school really work?", presents valuable insights for educators and parents.

This is a sweeping meta-study of over 13 different evaluations of bullying intervention programs Dr. Ken Rigby, educator and author, presents the most thorough review yet of successful and unsuccessful anti-bullying methods.

His downloadable paper "A meta-evaluation of methods and approaches to reducing bullying in pre-schools and in early primary school in Australia" he compares and contrasts programs in several countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Finland, Norway, Spain and the United States.

His paper outlines similarities and divergences in anti-bullying programs worldwide and presents detailed thoughts on successful methods and useful combinations.

He concludes that overall, interventions ARE successful in reducing bullying in most cases to varying degrees while noting that interventions begun in kindergarten and primary grades were more successful than with older students. He also notes key success rates differences related to programs that focus on measures related to victimization vs bullying others.

  Dealing with Feelings - Kidshealth.org - Submitted by anonymous on February 12, 2003  
  Dealing with Feelings - Kidshealth.org
very good kid-friendly articles for parents, teachers and kids on a variety of topics related to kids concerns.
  Submitted by anonymous on February 12, 2003  
  Answering Misconceptions About Self-Esteem by Dr. Nathaniel Branden  
  Submitted by anonymous on February 12, 2003  

The National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE)
NASE believes self-esteem is "The experience of being capable of meeting life's challenges and being worthy of happiness."

The purpose of their organization is to fully integrate self-esteem into the fabric of American society so that every individual, no matter what their age or background, experiences personal worth and happiness.

  Submitted by anonymous on February 12, 2003  

"You Can't Say You Can't Play"
This book, by an award winning Chicago educator, focuses on the common early grade issue of exclusion.

Described as both "profound" and "powerful" this book is an important read for any teacher or parent.

ISBN 0-674-96589-2 –cloth
ISBN 0-674-96590-6 -Paper

  Bullying and Emotional Abuse in the Workplace: International Perspectives in Research and Practice - Submitted by anonymous on February 14, 2003  

by Stale Einarsen (Editor), Oswald Hanfling

Publication date: November 2002 Publisher: Routledge
Binding: Hardcover
Subjects: Bullying in the workplace; Psychology; Industrial & Organizational Psychology

  Together Against bullying - Submitted by Nagla on May 28, 2003  
  Together Against Bullying is an ongoing iEARN project in Cario, Egypt, aiming at making the school environment a more peaceful place for students.

We are a group of students from Ramses College for Girls, who simply dream of making this world a better place for children. We thought that bullying is a spreading danger in schools all over the world, which is something worthy of our attention. As students, we believe that our role is also needed in facing this phenomenon and finding effective solutions for it.

We are holding a campaign in our school under the motto: "Together Against Bullying". We are trying to raise awareness about negative effects of bullying, its reasons. We want to find ways to help victims and how we can stop bullying at school. We are also trying to issue some rules against bullying, which we hope will help students in our school and other schools all over Egypt... and the whole world!

We need your support: students, teachers and parents. Let's all cooperate to avoid this physical and psychological torture that children are subjected to from their colleagues. Let's spread a message of love and understanding that will hopefully find its way to the hearts of students all around the world.
  Parent Support Association of Calgary - Submitted by Liz on March 09, 2003  
  Parent Support Association of Calgary  
  Anudderworld - Submitted by Grant on February 23, 2004  

Dedicated last 5 years to solving the problem of bullying here in Australia. Have developed a unique live animated show that children and adults can all understand and be inspired to grow from. See my web site at www.anudderworld.com.au This is being supported by a CSA comercial on T.V to advertise the web site. Being shown nationally now. Ready to go inspire change throughout the world. I hope you're site can organize a link to raise the awareness to the problem. I have realized after loosing all I have owned. ( Marriage 3 kids ) that communication is the key to solving bullying. As children we either learn to communicate with a degree of truth or we learn to be deceptive and lie. We've all been conditioned to behave via our up bringing. Check out the site. The program looks at human behaviour in truth. We can't keep dancing around it. Nothing changes. Cheers Tully, from Tully Toons.

  EDMONTON POLICE CAN TICKET BULLIES UNDER NEW BYLAW -CBC News - Submitted by anonymous on March 17, 2003  
  EDMONTON-- Edmonton city council passed a bylaw Tuesday prohibiting people from bullying anyone under the age of 18 in a public place...  
  Beyond Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on April 03, 2003  
  Beyond Bullying is an Austrlian Web site that focuses on the issue of adult and workplace bullying.  
  Standing Together: A Focus on Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on April 03, 2003  

Standing Together: A Focus on Bullying

Produced by the BCTF, 17-minute videocassette, ©2001. This video may be used as a supplement to the resource binder, Focus on Bullying: A Prevention Program for Elementary School Communities, and/or as a stand-alone teaching tool with an audience of elementary students, educators, or parents. The video is narrated and dramatized by over 150 elementary school students. In the video the students explore several types of bullying behaviours and demonstrate appropriate ways of dealing with bullying incidents when the school, home and community work together. A facilitator’s guide poses discussion questions. Funded by a grant from the National Crime Prevention Centre: Community Mobilization Program. K–7
LA 2331—$39.95.

  Colorado State Legislation on Bullying - Submitted by anonymous on April 03, 2003  
  Colorado Dept. of Education summary of Senate Bill 01-080, "Safe Schools - Bullying Policy"  
  Canadian Teen Convicted Of Bullying Friend Into Suicide - Submitted by anonymous on April 04, 2003  

ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA March 26, 2002 - A teenage girl was convicted of criminal harassment in British Columbia Monday after bullying her friend into suicide.

More than a year ago, 15-year-old Dawn Marie Wesley of British Columbia hanged herself.

In a landmark criminal trial for Canada, a girl accused of threats that led to Wesley's suicide will be punished...

  Protecting Against Bullies Throughout the Life Cycle - Submitted by Carol on April 05, 2003  
  Bullies are frequently the root of disruption, injury and violence in schools and the workplace. Learn how to change the culture of your organization in order to defuse bullying...  
  The Stand Up! Speak Out! Project - Submitted by Community Child Abuse Council of Canada on April 09, 2003  

The Stand Up! Speak Out! project including this Resource Curriculum, has been made possible through a grant from Canada’s National Crime Prevention Strategy and is dedicated to the memory of Denyse Rodger-McQuilkin.

This resource is designed for use with students of Grade 7 and 8 age. Our goals are that youth, adults and the community as a whole will:

  • Understand the impact of bullying on its victims.
  • Support the victims of bullying.
  • Believe victims when they report incidents of bullying.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with bullying.
  • Establish consistent consequences for those who bully others.
  • Be responsible and report incidents of bullying they witness.
  • Take action to prevent and/or put an end to bullying.

Each lesson is designed to take approximately 25 – 30 minutes. Teachers and facilitators may modify and adapt the lessons to fit the needs of the learners and the time available. Although the lessons are arranged in an appropriate sequence, lessons may be arranged in an order that is appropriate for the audience and the objectives of the user.


Contact Us

Community Child Abuse Council of Canada

75 McNab Street South, Suite 203

Hamilton, Ontario

L8P 3C1

Toll free: 1-800-470-2111

Tel: (905) 523-1020

Fax: (905) 523-1877


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  The Diary - Submitted by Community Child Abuse Council of Canada on April 09, 2003  

“The Diary” is an educational play for youth in Grade 7 and 8 written by Hamilton author Christopher Lane and performed by local students.

The focus is bullying and its effects on victims, bystanders and the bully. Jenny, a young adolescent, relives her experiences of the last year and a half. As Jenny reads her diary entries, portions of her story are re-enacted. As the drama unfolds, the audience is made aware of the impact of bullying on the victim.

The play with the accompanying curriculum identifies the problem of bullying, suggests ways to confront and stop the behaviour, and provides opportunity for continued discussion and learning.


Contact Us

Community Child Abuse Council of Canada

75 McNab Street South, Suite 203

Hamilton, Ontario

L8P 3C1

Toll free: 1-800-470-2111

Tel: (905) 523-1020

Fax: (905) 523-1877


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  Stand Up! Speak Out! Project: Lesson One: An Introduction to Bullying - Submitted by Community Child Abuse Council of Canada on April 09, 2003  

The Stand Up! Speak Out! Project: Lesson One: An Introduction to Bullying


Students will prepare a list of words describing the feelings experienced by victims of bullying.

Students will identify bullying behaviours.


Contact Us

Community Child Abuse Council of Canada

75 McNab Street South, Suite 203

Hamilton, Ontario

L8P 3C1

Toll free: 1-800-470-2111

Tel: (905) 523-1020

Fax: (905) 523-1877


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  Bully Proof Your School - Submitted by Fiona on April 26, 2003  
  Bully Proof Your School:

An information brochure in Adobe Acorbat PDF format, created by students at St. Paul's Anglican Grammar School. It was created as a part of the school's bullying policy and bullying prevention program. The brochure is distributed to all students and as part of the bullying unit of work in Health at Year 7.

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  Teasing and Bullying: Unacceptable Behaviour - Submitted by Marilyn on March 02, 2003  

Title: Teasing and Bullying: Unacceptable Behaviour (TAB)

This research-based 13 minute video, designed for elementary school age children, depicts a child being teased about stuttering and another child being teased about her weight. Peers become involved and work together with the victims and child who bullies to solve the problem. The video is accompanied by an awareness, prevention and intervention guide that incorporates conflict resolution strategies. The guide contains black line masters for in-class activities and parent-student home activities. Three conflict resolution posters are also included. Available from the Institute for Stuttering Treatment & Research at the University of Alberta, email: istar@ualberta.ca

  Author - Submitted by Stan Popovich on December 29, 2011  
  Stan Popovich is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods" - an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to: http://www.managingfear.com/